Yoga for Autism

Yoga for autism

Autistic children can benefit immensely by practicing yoga regularly. For them, useful yoga poses are Down Dog, Tree and Mountain. These poses can engage their interest and help them relate better to surrounding objects. In this article, we reveal all about the benefits of yoga for autism.

Yoga for Autism

Austistic children can find yoga beneficial as it can improve both their emotional and physical symptoms. Yoga meditation and breathing techniques can help to reduce stress, teach autistic children cope better, and give them a sense of calm acceptance. Children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder can learn listening skills and how to work more slowly with awareness. These children often have pent-up energy which can be released peacefully.

Benefits of Yoga for Autism
Regular practice of yoga and pranayama strengthens the nervous system by giving deep relaxation. Yoga also increases body awareness and concentration. Autistic children suffer from dysfunction of sensory integration which can make them sensitive to sounds, sights or touch. They also can become distracted easily, be impulsive and lack self control. Yoga can definitely help them cope better with all these symptoms.

Yoga for Strength and Balance
Some autistic children suffer from lack of motor skills, muscle tone and bad co-ordination. This affects their confidence and self esteem. Regular yoga practice tones the muscles and develops resilience, strength and balance. Yoga for autism classes can also include stories, rhymes, dance, music and massage which can stimulate the children’s emotional center in the brain. Yoga can also improve the autistic children’s motor skills by tuning their entire body.

As revealed above, yoga for autism holds immense benefits for the children. Initially, you can start by teaching them basic poses. As they become more accomplished, you can graduate to more difficult poses and also include other aspects like meditation, pranayama, music, chanting etc. to make the experience holistic and fulfilling.

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