Sting and Yoga

sting and yoga

Legendary British singer Sting is a famous aficionado of yoga. He and his wife Trudie practice tantra, Ashtanga and Jivamukti yoga. Sting says he needs to be physically fit because constant touring taxes the body. Initially, he was skeptical about yoga, which he thought was nothing but navel-gazing. But as he began practicing, he found that yoga offered many physical and mental benefits. Read on to learn all about Sting and yoga.

How Sting Started Yoga

When Sting was in his late 30s, he was introduced to Danny Paradise, an Ashtanga yoga teacher. At his age, Sting was fit but found that he was not able to do many of the poses. This intrigued him and he took yoga practice seriously. Sting says he started yoga late, but is certain his regular practice is actually reversing his aging process. Today, he is able to do poses he couldn’t have even dreamt of as a teenager. In fact, Sting’s entire band performs yoga together before their shows to increase cohesion and team spirit.

Sting and Yoga

Sting is not just interested in the physical benefits of yoga. As he grows older, the spiritual aspect of yoga has also started appealing to him. As a result, he started practicing Jivamukti yoga. Jivamukti literally means “liberated while living”. Sting thus believes liberation is possible in his lifetime. A typical Jivamukti yoga session consists of poses, breathing exercises, philosophy, music, chanting and reading scriptures. Sting also actively supports the spread of Jivamukti yoga.

Sting and Pattabhi Jois

Renowned yoga guru Pattabhi Jois says Sting is one of his best students. Sting has mastered many of the advanced yoga poses. Jois says Sting is also a close friend.

Benefits of Yoga for Sting

Sting says his regular yoga practice gives him more energy to carry out daily tasks. His mind also becomes more composed. Sting vouches for the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. As he gets older, Sting says yoga helps him become more contemplative. Of late, he is more interested in the breathing practices which are akin to meditation. Sting says yoga also helps him understand the connection between his body and mind. He attributes stiffness in certain body parts to mental reasons. His goal is to become more liquid, fluid and sinuous. Sting wants to age gracefully with a good posture. He feels yoga will help him achieve this.

Sting and Tantric Sex

Besides spirituality, Sting says yoga has helped his sex life too. The yoga practices of nauli (churning the muscles in the stomach) and bandhas (yoga locks) help him while indulging in sex. Sting says his control has become better and he is also able to have sex for longer periods with his wife.

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