Madonna and Yoga

Madonna and yoga

Ever wondered how Madonna is able to keep her body in tip-top and trim shape even as the years pass by? The secret is yoga. Madonna says yoga is a great workout for her body, mind and soul. Read on to learn the deep connection between Madonna and yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga for Madonna
The legendary British singer Sting introduced Madonna to yoga. She practices Ashtanga yoga which is a physically strenuous discipline that requires consistency and commitment. To complement her yoga workouts, Madonna adopts a macrobiotic diet which includes organic foods that are rich in lean protein. Madonna’s regular Ashtanga yoga practice has paid off handsomely. She is over 50 years old, but can still perform advanced poses. On stage, she can perform forearm stands even while wearing high-heeled boots.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?
Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga which is a great cardio workout. Madonna started her Ashtanga yoga practice in 1996, after giving birth to Lourdes, her daughter. The advantage of Ashtanga yoga is that you can perform the poses at your own level and pace. Since it is more dynamic, it requires more flexibility, balance, coordination and strength compared to other styles. Madonna’s Asthanga yoga affinity has found its way into her work as well. She chanted a Sanskrit mantra on the album Ray of Light”, and portrayed a yoga teacher in a movie called The Next Best Thing”.

Madonna’s Other Fitness Regimens
Besides yoga, Madonna also practices gyrotonics which is an exercise style that derives traits from tai chi, gymnastics, yoga and swimming. Gyrotonics improves her joint mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. Madonna also goes horse-riding.

Yoga’s Mental Benefits for Madonna
Madonna says yoga has not benefited her just physically, but mentally as well. She has managed to un-clutch from her ego thanks to yoga. Madonna confesses that before she began practicing yoga, she was unpredictable, restless, wild and aggressive. But, yoga has taught her to calm, clear and cleanse her mind. The result is a more centered and soulful Madonna.

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