Jennifer Aniston and Yoga

Jennifer Aniston Yoga

The secret behind Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston’s fabulous body is yoga. In particular, Aniston favors flow yoga, which involves frequent movements and holding the various poses. Aniston’s yoga trainer Mandy Ingber has worked out yoga moves specifically for the star’s physique. In this article, we reveal the deep connection between Jennifer Aniston and yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga for Jennifer Aniston
Aniston favors Vinyasa yoga too, which involves performing a series of 12 postures. Besides yoga, she is into running too. Ingber says Aniston is good at performing balancing poses. Ingber complements Aniston for her presence and focus.

Jennifer Aniston’s Diet
The star actor consumes a healthy diet with plenty of fresh vegetables. This helps offset her known weakness for Mexican cuisine. Aniston’s trainer says to maintain a lean body, you need to eat a high-protein diet and consume more small meals during the day, instead of the standard three meals. Just doing yoga is not good enough. Your diet should also complement your yoga routine. Most importantly, Aniston says fat or thin, you should be happy with the way you look.

Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Yoga Poses

  • Temple Pose
  • Chair Pose
  • Sun Salute
  • Tree Pose
  • Reclining Pigeon

Mandy Ingber’s Yoga Tips

  • Play your favorite music while practicing yoga. This will inspire you rather than performing yoga in complete silence.
  • Before starting any pose, take three deep breaths. Yoga links the body to the mind, so take deep breaths to relax both body and mind.
  • Practicing control is important. You need to control your mind to be regular in your yoga practice. Restraint in eating is equally essential. Jennifer Aniston’s amazing body is because of her complete control over her taste buds.
  • Do not stretch yourself or do yoga poses with force. Move easily with the body and perform yoga within your capacity to avoid injuries.

Now, that you know the deep and inspirational connection between Jennifer Aniston and yoga, start your own yoga practice today to get a fab body like her.

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