Yoga for Skin health

yoga for skin

If you want radiant beauty and glowing skin, do not take recourse to expensive cosmetic creams. Chemical-based creams can have undesirable side effects as well. Instead, try yoga for skin to get that glowing beauty. Yoga can not only improve your flexibility and fitness, but also add a gleam to your skin. So, start practicing sun salutations, pranayama and inverted postures to get a natural and holistic makeover.

Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin
The most beneficial poses for skin are Paschimottasana, Sirshasana, Sarvangasana and Halasana. These poses promote blood flow to the cheeks, eyes and brain. The above poses clear toxins from the skin and make it healthy. You just need to practice these poses for a week to see clear results. Pranayamas like Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and anuloma viloma are also great for getting glowing skin.

Yoga for Skin Benefits

Yoga poses and pranayama eliminate toxins through sweat, and purify the skin and body. Sun salutations are especially beneficial if performed outdoors in the early morning sun. Regular yoga practice can give you a toned and lean body, smooth and clean skin, and bright eyes. Yoga also tones the muscles in your face and neck, giving you a glowing look.

Yogic Diet for Healthy Skin

You need not follow any specific diet as such. Eat all your favorite foods in moderation. Try to avoid meat, spicy and fried foods. Consume butter milk, fruit juices, pulses, fruits and vegetables to complement your yoga workouts. It is important to drink plenty of water every day to flush out toxins and maintain a youthful skin.

Yoga Relaxation for Better Skin
Yoga for skin postures also improve mental health by relieving stress and tension. Stress shows on your face by making your skin look aged and dull. You can also practice shavasana, yoga nidra and meditation to get relaxation. Your inner beauty will start reflecting on your face and skin. Yoga promotes sound sleep and you will look fresh and bright the next day. Regular yoga practice can reverse aging effects, and stop skin sagging and the appearance of wrinkles.

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