What is Yoga Massage?

yoga massage

Yoga has many branches and yoga massage is one among them. In fact, massage is an important part of yoga. Massage can help people of all ages by imparting many benefits. A trained practitioner can use many techniques of yoga massage. Read on to learn more about yoga massage.

Benefits of Yoga Massage

  • Yoga massage can energize the body, mind and spirit.
  • It makes a person feel fresh and get complete composure.
  • It completely relaxes body, mind and spirit.
  • It expands the body muscles, increasing your flexibility.
  • It provides serenity and complete peace.
  • It improves or enhances all parts of the body.
  • Natural and herbal oils can be used during yoga massage to nourish and develop the body.
  • It is known to cure various ailments.

Techniques of Yoga Massage
Most of these techniques are performed after making the person lie on their stomach and face downwards. Some popular techniques are elaborated below:

Sanuk Yoga Massage
The person lies on their back and the masseur massages their shins and hamstrings. The back is also thoroughly massaged.

Locust Yoga Massage
This technique needs great care as it is an intense method. In this pose, the person should raise their leg to the limit, but should not bend their knee.

Thunderbolt Yoga Massage
This technique is similar to the locust massage. However, here the knees should be completely bent.

Cobra Yoga Massage
In this technique, the masseur’s knees are on the hips of the individual getting the massage. Then their arms are pulled upwards thus raising the body. Massage is performed on the person’s back.

Since yoga massage can be complicated, it is essential to employ a professional and certified masseur to get ideal benefits. Along with  massage, perform yoga poses, pranayama and meditation regularly to maintain health and peace of mind.

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