What is Shakti Yoga?

Shakti yoga

Shakti Yoga is a type of yoga that helps to stimulate the nervous system. This process activates all the nerves and senses in the body. The shakti yoga practitioner focuses single-mindedly to integrate their body, mind and spirit. Shakti yoga requires great discipline to practice the poses, meditation and pranayama techniques. Consistent and regular practice of shakti yoga leads to improved self understanding and awareness.

Benefits of Shakti Yoga

To get optimum benefits, shakti yoga needs to be practiced with devotion. Doing so, improves one’s balance, knowledge of self and creative abilities. Perseverance and commitment are required in this yoga. In this form of yoga, the energies of shakti (strength) and bhakti (devotion) are merged. Through yoga one gets humility, wisdom, endurance and power. It is an arduous and demanding discipline. And, the benefits too are equally immense.

Methods of Shakti Yoga
Listed below are the popular methods used to teach shakti yoga:

  • Shastar vidhya (the science and technique of martial arts)
  • Karsat (cross training)
  • Gatka (this method teaches accuracy, balance and co-ordination)
  • Juan vidhya (This helps to understand the balance between weight and strength)
  • Cardiovascular training to improve bodily functions.

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