Yoga for Breast Cancer

yoga for breast cancer

Yoga is known to help with many health conditions, and yoga for breast cancer can be a boon to patients. Although yoga is a not a cure for breast cancer, it can help patients and cancer survivors deal with some of the side effects and impact of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be a traumatic experience for any woman and can cause depression, anguish and grief. Even breast cancer survivors need to cope up with continuous treatments and their repercussions. In this situation, read on to learn how yoga for breast cancer can help you.

Yoga for Fatigue
Fatigue is a common symptom of breast cancer, especially because of treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Research reveals that yoga for breast cancer can reduce symptoms like appetite loss, insomnia, psychological distress and fatigue. A 2007 study reported by the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management revealed that yoga helped to reduce pain and fatigue in breast cancer patients.

Yoga for Emotional Issues
Breast cancer patients can also be affected by emotional troubles. Yoga can definitely help women deal with this issue. In 2009, Psychooncology journal revealed that yoga classes improved depression, mental health and emotional well-being in breast cancer patients. Other studies suggest that yoga can help reduce negative thinking, mood disturbance and irritability in breast cancer survivors and patients.

Yoga for Anxiety
The prospect of surgery can fuel anxiety in breast cancer patients. A 2009 study revealed that yoga reduced anxiety in women with breast cancer.

Yoga for Breast Cancer

Yoga is definitely safe and effective for breast cancer patients, especially in dealing with mental issues. However, patients should avoid certain poses if they find them too difficult. And, yoga should not be considered as a magic cure for breast cancer and substituted for conventional treatment. Before starting yoga for breast cancer, talk to doctors and yoga instructors to find the right program for you.

Restorative Yoga
Yoga practice includes stretching, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga’s gentle and passive approach can soothe troubled breast cancer patients. Moreover, yoga practice is adaptable to individual needs and capabilities. So, start yoga for breast cancer today to reap rich benefits.

Word of caution
Yogic practices are highly recommended for those with breast cancer. But, one has to be careful where to go and from whom to learn Yoga. This is because not all centers which teach Yoga are equipped to deal with cancer patients and their unique requirements. One has to go to a practitioner who is trained to manage cancer patients. This is because such patients frequently have arm and shoulder problems which may get aggravated if proper care is not taken during practice of Yoga. If these few precautions are in place, Yoga can be a safe and effective method to help breast cancer patients heal faster and better.

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