What is Couples Yoga?

Couples yoga

Yoga is not for individuals alone. You can also use yoga to get closer to your loved one through couples yoga. We try many methods to build a strong bond with our partner. Try couples yoga to strengthen your relationship and have a great time while doing it.

All About Couples Yoga

In couples yoga, poses are modified such that partners lend support to each other. Physical intimacy can improve your relationship and help you connect deeply with your partner. Since you will be working closely with your partner, you can overcome your limitations and improve your yoga practice, and help you partner do the same too. Try out couples yoga to explore this powerful healing art.

Tips for Couples Yoga

You can Find a New Partner
Couples yoga is not just for established couples. You can find a suitable partner in the yoga class. Try to pair up with a practitioner who matches your weight and height. The challenge is to learn to adapt yoga poses to both of your body types.

Be Open-Minded
If you wish to try couples yoga with your existing partner, try not to entertain exceeding expectations. Don’t assume that couples yoga can be a magic remedy that will solve all existing problems between you two. Approach couples yoga with an open heart and mind, and be willing to grow and learn together by connecting and sharing through yoga.

Learn to Give and Take
Couples yoga can help to make you more broad-minded, as you share openly and offer support to your partner. As you learn to give and take during the yoga class, you will realize what it takes to nurture loving relationships and supportive friendships.

Enjoy the Experience
Learn to focus on the moment and enjoy the whole couples yoga experience. Yoga should be fun, and not be taken too seriously. Relax thoroughly, laugh together and take deep breaths to loosen up. Couples yoga can be divine and hilarious at the same time.

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