What is Hip Hop Yoga?

hip hop yoga

The ancient Indian art of yoga has been modified by western practitioners to attract a wider audience. The latest version is called hip hop yoga which involves performing yoga while gyrating to hip hop music. In a typical hip hop yoga class, students freely dance, sing and laugh without inhibition. Thus, hip hop yoga is for those people who have free and open minds, and like to practice yoga from their hearts.

A Typical Hip Hop Yoga Class
A typical hip hop yoga class is vastly different from a traditional yoga class. Here, students can converse actively and you can feel energy bubbling inside their eager hearts and minds. In hip hop yoga, emphasis on meditation is conspicuous by its absence. Students start with vigorous poses, and instead of tranquil sitar music, lively hip hop perks up the participants. Thus, in hip hop yoga, East meets West to create a spiritually soothing and athletically fulfilling yoga style.

Not All Music is Hip Hop
If you are not a hip hop fan, you can still try out hip hop yoga, because the music played during the class is eclectic. Depending upon the teacher’s taste and students’ preferences, the soundtrack may include rock, pop, blues and even soothing New Age to cool down for Shavasana (Corpse Pose). Students move quickly from one pose to the next, without much pausing. To attract a wider audience, hip hop yoga teachers refrain from using Sanskrit terms for the poses. You are free to follow the instructions or do whatever you want. You can also quit the class whenever you wish.

Hip Hop Yoga is Fearless and Playful
Hip hop yoga adds oodles of fun to traditional yoga. The raucous music is not a distraction, but serves to inspire the students and keep their energy levels high. However, it would be advisable to ensure that you have a good grounding in traditional yoga, before you join a hip hop yoga class, as the instructor may not bother to teach you the finer nuances of the yoga poses.

Advantages of Hip Hop Yoga

The hip hop yoga philosophy includes rocking music, exhilarating workouts and flowing yoga which blend together to give a unique experience. Hip hop yoga can appeal to a younger section of society who might have thought yoga is only for hippies and oldies. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have become hip hop yoga aficionados. You need not attend a trance or dance party to have a fun time. Just join the nearest hip hop yoga class to start grooving.

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