Yoga and Aerobics

Yoga and Aerobics

If you are wondering whether to choose between yoga or aerobics, this article is for you. We discuss the differences between yoga and aerobics, and you can choose the method that suits you best. Read on to know all about yoga and aerobics.

What is Aerobics?
Exercises such as jogging and running can be called aerobics as they utilize body fat and carbohydrates to energize you during exercise. Aerobics forms include sports aerobics, dance aerobics, step aerobics, swimming, jumping and even walking. These exercises hasten your heart beat and help burn calories. Aerobics helps to tone muscles, burn fat, and prevents heart disease and osteoporosis. Regular aerobic sessions can help preserve your youthful appearance by reducing aging effects.

What is Yoga?
Yoga consists of slow and measured stretches, which are coordinated with rhythmic breathing. Research has conclusively proved the manifold benefits of regular yoga practice. Compared to aerobics, yoga poses do not burn fat as quickly. But, you can improve your awareness of body and mind through yoga. Yogic breathing enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of your lungs, which benefits the whole body.

Yoga and Aerobics

When you practice aerobic activities like running, you certainly do burn calories. But, you also end up hammering your body by straining your knee joints, ankles and other bones in the legs. Besides, you also end up with tight muscles after aerobic exercises. After a yoga session, instead of feeling tired, you will feel rejuvenated. You can become stronger, more flexible and healthier through yoga without hammering your body as in the case of aerobics.

Combine Yoga and Aerobics
If you are uncomfortable with the spiritual overtones of yoga, you can stick to aerobics to become fitter and healthier. But, for best results, a combination of yoga and aerobics can do wonders. So, complement your aerobics sessions with yoga to garner maximum benefits. You can minimize the side effects and body damage caused by aerobics by adding yoga to your fitness regimen.

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