What is Antigravity Yoga?

antigravity yoga

The ancient Indian art of yoga has been modified by the West to suit various ends. One such innovation that is gaining popularity is antigravity yoga. This unique form of yoga is a combination of acrobatics, Pilates, dance, aerial arts and calisthenics. Read on to know all about antigravity yoga and check if it suits your needs and mood.

Origin of Antigravity Yoga
The origin of antigravity yoga is pretty recent. In 1990, Christopher Harrison, a yoga aficionado, founded an acrobatics troupe named Antigravity. He then got a brainwave which made him design a fitness regimen combining yoga and hanging from hammocks.

What is Antigravity Yoga?

This type of yoga is performed while you are hanging from a hammock, which is attached to the ceiling. The hammock is supported by large hooks and forms a swing- or trapeze-like structure. Each hammock is suspended about three feet from the ground. In some yoga classes, basic yoga moves such as breathing techniques, sun salutations and gentle warm-ups are done before starting the more vigorous hanging routines.

Benefits of Antigravity Yoga
The goal of antigravity yoga is to decompress the body. The joints are released from the pressures exerted by gravity. While practicing antigravity yoga, you need to concentrate with focus, which gives you meditative benefits. Antigravity yoga is very therapeutic for the cervical spine as there is zero compression on this body part. You can improve your handstand and general balance. This type of yoga is great to cross-train and use muscles which are not normally used.

More Benefits of Antigravity Yoga
Antigravity yoga can improve flexibility and core strength. Being upside down changes the direction of blood flow in the body. Most antigravity yoga teachers come from gymnastic, dance or Pilates backgrounds. Thus, each teacher can contribute their own bit to make your workout beneficial. Most importantly, while some people consider traditional yoga as a discipline, antigravity yoga can be super-fun playtime.

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