Yoga for Exercise

yoga for exercise

If you are considering taking up some form of activity for health, why not try yoga for exercise? Yoga offers many benefits that you would not get by merely training at the gym. Physical exercise at the gym involves repeated actions which can cause fatigue and tension. But, yoga for exercise generates energy and stability in mind and body. Read on to know more.

Yoga for Exercise

Regular yoga practice quiets the brain, stills the senses and generates a feeling of calmness and well-being. Energy is equally distributed to other body parts from the brain. Gym work can only benefit the body. But, yoga involves both mind and body, giving total and holistic health. Unlike gym training, which can leave you exhausted and tired after a workout, yoga practice can make you feel rejuvenated after the session.

Advantage Over Physical Training
During regular physical training, our pulse and blood pressure are increased, and toxins accumulate in the body. Our heart is also overworked. But, during yoga practice, our body is stretched and exercised in such a manner that it boosts our immunity and minimizes the chances of being affected by potential ailments.

Yoga for Exercise: Warm-up Poses
Read on to learn about a few useful warm-up poses that you can practice before starting your yoga session:

Standing Poses

  • Sun Salutation
  • Tree pose
  • Warrior pose
  • Triangle pose

Seated Poses

  • Child pose
  • Seated Forward Bend
  • Hero pose

Twist Yoga Poses
These poses like the Sage Twist and the Half-Spinal Twist massage and tone the abdomen, thus improving digestion.

Supine Poses
These include Wind-relieving pose, Leg Raises, Leg Pulls and Locust Pose.

Balance Poses and Inverted Postures
Plough, Headstand and Shoulderstand poses relieve abdominal pressure, improve the functioning of the glandular system, stimulate brain activity and increase blood circulation in the body.

Backbends improve spinal flexibility and strengthen the abdomen, legs and arms.

Finishing Pose
Practice Shavasana or Corpse pose after your yoga session to completely relax body and mind.

Yoga for Exercise: A Word of Caution
Get trained under a qualified yoga instructor initially. Once you gain mastery over the poses, you can do them at home. Do not strain yourself while doing the poses. Just perform them to the best of your ability without over-straining. Most importantly, enjoy yourself thoroughly while doing yoga and do not think about whether benefits would accrue from your sessions.

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