Yoga for Thyroid Disease

yoga for thyroid

Yoga is a proven method of alternative healing which can also help thyroid patients. Read on to know how yoga for thyroid can benefit thyroid patients.

Benefits of Yoga for Thyroid

Yoga can benefit thyroid patients as it reduces joint and muscle stiffness, and stress levels. It also boosts flexibility and energy levels. Yoga can benefit the mind too by promoting harmony and peace of mind. Research reveals that yoga therapy can benefit thyroid cancer patients. Be regular in your yoga practice to gain benefits that help combat thyroid disease.

Causes of Thyroidism

  • Nutritional Imbalances and/or deficiencies
  • Environmental toxins
  • Stress

Yoga for Thyroid
Yoga can stimulate the adrenal, pineal, pituitary and thyroid glands. Thus, it normalizes their functioning. Yoga poses stretch the neck muscles, and tone and strengthen the nervous system. Body metabolism is controlled by the thyroid gland, which is also responsible for maintaining youthful appearance and correct weight. Yoga can stimulate the thyroid gland and help it function at peak efficiency.

Yoga Poses for Thyroid
The thyroid is located close to the windpipe. Yoga and pranayama can improve oxygen supply and make the thyroid healthy. To be sure, yoga should not be considered as an alternative to medications to treat thyroid problems. But, following a consistent yoga and pranayama regimen can help you avoid thyroid dysfunction. The following yoga poses can benefit thyroid patients:

Pranayama for Thyroid
Besides yoga poses, pranayama breathing techniques can also help thyroid patients. Try the following pranayama techniques for effective relief:

  • Ujjayi
  • Anuloma-Viloma
  • Kapalabhatti

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