Yoga for Balance

yoga for balance

Many people have problems of imbalance and asymmetry. This can subject our body to stress and strain. Imbalance can also cause discomfort, pain and injury. To such sufferers, yoga for balance is the solution. Yoga improves our body symmetry and makes us balanced, stronger and more flexible. Read on to learn the benefits of yoga for balance.

Yoga for Balance

Yoga improves balance by sharpening our physical coordination. Very few people can boast of having proper balance. Most of us are stronger in the right or left side, but not equally. We also cannot turn our heads with equal felicity on both sides. Also, bending backwards can be a problem for many people. Yoga promotes hormonal balance, which is important for women because of their menopause. Good balance is not just about physical strength, you also need to be mentally agile.

Yoga Poses for Balance

  • Standing poses re-balance our bodies, as we are often stronger on one side. Yoga can help us strengthen the weaker side to achieve equal body balance. This is important because domination of one side can cause injuries and illnesses.
  • Tadasana (mountain pose) is great for balance. This pose will help you understand which side is more strong and where you tend to lean your weight.
  • The one-legged stand is another excellent pose to improve center balance. Maintain this pose for a longer duration to get maximum benefit.
  • Vrksasana (tree pose) strengthens the calf and leg muscles, which contributes to better body balance.
  • Matsyasana (fish pose) is great for improving your posture. Your spine can become longer, stronger and more flexible.

Diet Discipline

  • This is the most important discipline out of the three. With out proper regulations in food you cannot achieve any thing from yoga practice.
  • Eating vegetarian food is best for yoga practice. If this is not possible then eat steam cooked meat, fried food should be completely avoided.
  • Hot and spice food make you unhealthy and mentally imbalanced, use very little spices and cook as mild as possible.
  • Eat 10 leaves of Ocimum tenuiflorum, also known as holy basil or tulsi leaves by Indians. They are very good for physical and mental well being.


  • Meditation is the best practice to achieve mental balance.
  • Normal meditation is enough to reach the goal, practicing just before practicing yoga pose will increase energy and smooths your practice.
  • Meditation involves sitting in any comfortable pose, sitting on bed and chair is also accepted, but for beginners it is good to practice in by sitting on a mat.
  • Close your eyes and observe the breathing process, just cut any thoughts you may get during the process.

Benefits of Yoga for Balance
Yoga balances the nervous system, and relaxes and energizes the body at the same time. Yoga poses train and use both body sides for better balance. You can also learn to use both sides of the brain, which will boost your creativity and output. A balanced body will help you perform better at sports and avoid injuries.

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