Yoga for Energy Boost

Yoga for Energy

If you want an instant energy boost, don’t consume coffee or energy drinks. Instead, practice the holistic, natural and healthy method of yoga for energy. In this article, we reveal how regular yoga practice can boost your energy levels keeping you peppy throughout the work-day.

Yoga for energy :

Deep Breathing for Energy
Yoga and pranayama deep breathing techniques can free your mind, by reducing stress, tension and anxiety. Inhale and exhale deeply to flood your body with oxygen. This will stimulate the nervous system and generate more energy. Deep breathing will make you realize how stress can make us hold our breath, and how shallow and short our normal breathing generally is. Therefore, breathe deeply in a conscious manner to oxygenate your body.

Yoga Eliminates Toxins
During yoga practice, your body warms up and generates heat. Because of this, impurities and toxins are released through sweat. Together, toxin release and deep breathing increase oxygen supply to the cells and release dormant energy lying in the body.

Kundalini Yoga for Energy
To boost energy, kundalini yoga is ideal. This yoga type is different as it requires continuous motion. Kundalini yoga combines breath focus with vigorous movements. If you are feeling lethargic or fatigued for some reason, yoga for energy can be the solution. Select a class which lays emphasis on boosting energy.

Be Hydrated
To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of water prior to and after the yoga class. If you are into strenuous forms of yoga, drink water during the sessions. Proper hydration will prevent fatigue and boost your energy.

Diet for Energy
Avoid white flour bagels and sugary cereals for breakfast. Eat whole grain cereals, oatmeal, eggs, almonds, berries or greens and wash your breakfast down with a smoothie mixed with protein powder.

Yoga for energy is one of the best methods to keep you in shape for hard work and harder partying. Practice yoga regularly to keep your body fresh and mind focused during all your activities.

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  1. Prana essentially translates as energy, not the kind we count in calories, but the subtle, spiritual, esoteric kind

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