What Is Gay Yoga?

gay yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian art which promotes physical, mental and spiritual development. In the West, yoga has been modified to suit many purposes. One such offshoot is gay yoga. Some private clubs and studios conduct nude yoga classes for men. These sessions are popular among gay men, who can express their personal freedom in such a liberating atmosphere. Besides, nude yoga classes are great places to pick up other men. Welcome to gay yoga.

Gay Yoga Classes
The gay community organizes nude yoga classes in studios in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston. In Chicago, a particular gay group practices nude yoga inside a member’s apartment. Gay men reveal these naked yoga classes involve touching, which may be exciting to some and initially awkward to others. The sexuality adds to the fun and is a bonus addition to the benefits of sensuality and fitness. Not surprisingly, the layperson thinks nude gay yoga classes are orgies in the name of exercise.

Benefits of Yoga for Gay Men
If you are a gay man and thinking how yoga can help you, read on to learn about the amazing benefits of yoga for the gay community:

Better Endurance
Yoga can improve lung capacity and fuel better endurance and performance in sex and sports alike. Your performance can be longer, faster and harder after regular yoga practice.

Increased Flexibility
Yoga poses can make your more supple, limber and agile. This will definitely have a positive impact on your sexual prowess. With improved flexibility, you can experiment with innovative positions.

Better Circulation
Yoga improves blood circulation throughout your body and particularly to the vital organs. This makes your organs and skin healthy and robust. In fact, yoga can be as good as Viagra. It is all natural and you don’t have to worry about undesirable side effects.

Yoga Boosts Energy Levels
Regular yoga practice can boost your energy levels and keep you fresh for bed even after a long day’s grind. So, forget coffee and opt for yoga for energy.

Positive Self-image
Yoga can improve your posture and attitude. You will start feeling more positive and self-confident. Others will notice this sexy change. Thus, yoga can boost your attractiveness, making you a magnet for other gay men.

Deeper Awareness
Yoga can improve your awareness of body and mind. You will start relishing your body sensations in bed and everywhere. This will enable you to enjoy your sexual experiences much more.

Though prudes and purists may frown upon it, gay yoga is here to stay. Search the Internet for a gay yoga class near you.

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