What is Nude Yoga?

Nude Yoga

Nude or

naked yoga

is practicing yoga in your birthday suit. Nude yoga is becoming popular in the West for many reasons. Some practitioners perform nude yoga in the privacy of their homes. But others, including children, take part in nude yoga classes conducted at private clubs, community centers and yoga studios. Read on to learn more information about nude yoga.

History of Nude Yoga

The experiment with performing yoga in the buff took off in the 1960s. Nude yoga has been depicted in a handful of movies too. In the late 1990s, Midnight Yoga for Men” started to become popular in New York city. In 2001, Hot Nude Yoga became a sensation. Its popularity fueled the rise of nude yoga groups all around the world in places such as Sydney, Madrid, Moscow and London. Since many of these nude yoga groups are only for males, they have become linked with gays and homosexuals.

Motivation for Nude Yoga

There is interesting motivation and philosophy behind nude yoga. Many naturists want to defy social restrictions. Others are wary of the high cost of branded yoga clothes. Those with a more spiritual bent of mind say nude yoga helps them accept their body’s imperfections and become more open-minded.

Co-ed Nude Yoga

Some yoga studios offer co-ed nude yoga classes. Here, the lights are dimmed to make yoga practitioners more comfortable and less conscious about their nudity. It is strictly not a place for orgies. Staring at others is taboo.

Gay Nude Yoga

Many private nude yoga groups cater to gays. Nude yoga practice may include working with partners, and touching other nude men. These are great places to pick up partners.

A Typical All-Male Nude Yoga Class

Bob Sparling, an avowed naturist, conducts nude yoga classes strictly for men in Boston. His bi-weekly sessions are quite popular. Many men opt for this class, since they are uncomfortable practicing yoga with women. Sparling’s clientele, mostly gays, behave themselves in the class. Staring and leering are strictly forbidden. If a student misbehaves he is warned, and if his misbehavior continues, he is unceremoniously chucked out. But, why

nude yoga

? Sparling says you don’t need any clothes to perform a natural exercise like yoga.

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