Yoga and Sex

yoga and sex

Yoga has a keen relationship with sex. Yoga philosophy tells us that sex is natural and essential for procreation. A specific branch of yoga known as Kundalini yoga focuses on how to harness sexual power. Yoga poses and breathing techniques can enhance our sexual life. A major cause of impotence is mental stress, which can be alleviated by yoga poses and meditation. Read on to learn more about yoga and sex.

Yoga Benefits for Good Sex

Improved Sensitivity
Yoga increases awareness and sensitivity. You can overcome tension and anxiety, and indulge in sex with great vigor. Your relaxed mind will be able to enjoy the activity without preoccupations. You will also become more sensitive to your mind and body. Your understanding about your partner’s needs will also increase, making sex meaningful and fulfilling.

Better Orgasms
You can achieve better orgasms through yoga. Yogic poses strengthen the sex organs and pelvic muscles. This enhances your sexual prowess. Yoga poses also ease muscle strain and promote flexibility.

Enhanced Energy Levels
Yoga is well known for its ability to accumulate energy in the body, enhancing fortitude and endurance. You can practice sex for a longer time without fatigue.

Better Fitness
Yoga increases your fitness level and physical capacity. Yoga for sex promotes endurance and vigor. It also improves balance and coordination. Yoga tones body muscles and you can use them more effectively during intercourse, enabling you to enjoy a more fulfilling sexual experience.

More Sexual Positions
A flabby and stiff body would not be able to experiment with different sex positions. Yoga for sex helps one get a flexible body and toned muscles, which would enable you to experiment with the more difficult sex positions.

Yoga Poses for Better Sex

Yoga Relaxation for Better Sex
If one’s body and mind are tense and stressed, it would affect their sex life. Yoga can restore optimum health to such persons. Yoga has healing powers which can help physically weak people and those suffering from impotence. For many people, sex can be a nervous experience. Yoga helps calms the mind and relax the body, to make sex a great experience.

Couples who suffer problems in their sexual relationship, can try yoga for sex. It is better than taking recourse to chemical-induced sexual prowess, which may have side effects. Thus, yoga for sex is a holistic and effective method to get sexual satisfaction.

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