Yoga for Mental Health

yoga for mental health

Yoga is not just physical calisthenics. It has a deep spiritual aspect too, which can nourish our mind and spirit. Regular practice of yoga calms our mind and helps it reach a higher consciousness. Physical exercise is known to release endorphins, which enhance our mood. Added to that, yoga practice improves mental acuity, prowess and concentration. Our sound mental health will reflect on our face and physical health. Read on to learn more about yoga for mental health.

Yoga for Mental Health

Laughter yoga is especially recommended to improve mental health. Research reveals that yoga stretching and breathing exercises increase blood flow in the brain, thereby improving mental prowess and relieving anxiety and stress. Yoga is thus a great antidote for mental problems such as tension, anxiety and depression.

Yoga Benefits for Mental Health

Yoga meditation calms our mind and wards off stressful thoughts. Your mind becomes calm and clear, and you will be able to face the causes of your stress and tension with equanimity. Once you do that, you will be able to put mind over matter and overcome your mental health problems. Yoga also promotes sound sleep, which will make you refreshed and energetic. Yoga improves self worth and self esteem, which will make you feel good throughout the day.

Psychological Benefits of Yoga

  • Increased energy levels
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Relaxed and calm attitude to life’s problems
  • Improves self-control over mind and body
  • Increases awareness of the mind’s behavior and tendencies
  • Yoga classes help ward off loneliness and depression by helping us mingle with like-minded people

A Word of Caution
Despite its many benefits for mental health, yoga should not be considered as an all-in-one remedy to treat mental problems. If you suffer from any mental illness, you should first consult a professional for help. He/she can provide you proper counseling and medication. You can use yoga to deal with the side effects of mental problems.

Yoga is one of the best ways to get a sound mind in a healthy body. Yoga for mental health is thus a holistic method to keep ourselves happy and contented. You do not have to take recourse to drugs or other harmful substances to get high. Yoga and meditation can give us the best and healthiest high. This is known as spiritual bliss.

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