What are Yoga Clothes?

yoga clothes

Yoga clothes are an important aspect of yoga practice. Many people believe yoga is practiced in the nude by yogis in India, where this ancient art originated. This is not true. Even renunciations wear a loincloth to cover their modesty while performing yoga. Of course, naked yoga is becoming popular in the West. However, for physical safety and mental peace, it is wise to wear comfortable yoga clothes during practice. Read on to learn more about the importance of proper yoga clothes.

General Advice on Yoga Clothes
  • They must be loose and go with the body when you perform yoga poses.
  • Natural fabrics are essential. Cotton is the best choice as it is strong yet flexible. Cotton permits air to refresh your body, warding off heat and perspiration.
  • Yoga clothes should not be worn in neon bright colors. This can affect your concentration. Choose pastel colors and whites for your tops.
  • Shorts are not taboo for yoga practice. In fact, they are recommended for their freedom and flexibility. However, loose long pants are also great if they aid your body movements.
  • Prana yoga clothes are recommended for yoga practice as they are seamless and made with natural fabrics. They are flexible enough to move along with your body and do not restrict your movements.

Yoga Clothes for Men
Men can wear loose fitting T-shirts with short sleeves. Tank tops are another option. But, these should not be too loose, lest they hamper movement. Loose pants held together by drawstring or comfortable shorts can compliment your top.

Yoga Clothes for Women
Women can be comfortable in tees, tank tops or sports bras. These can be complimented with skirts, drawstring pants, capris or shorts.

Shoes Not Allowed
Yoga is best practiced barefoot. So, studios do not allow shoes for yoga. In fact, you might have to leave your shoes outside the practice room. However, you can wear yoga socks if you are worried about hygiene or use borrowed mats.

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