What is Facial Yoga?

facial yoga

Facial yoga can help you enhance your beauty and health. It improves blood circulation and rejuvenates facial skin. Thus, your facial skin will become attractive and glowing. Facial yoga wards off the effects of aging on the face. Read on to learn all about a few facial yoga exercises in this article.

Facial Yoga Exercises

Palming for Eye Relaxation
Rub your palms together and generate some heat in them. Now, place your palms together and make two cups. Then, place your cupped palms gently on your eyes. Take care not to exert any pressure on the eyeballs. This facial yoga exercise relieves tension and relaxes the eyes. Consistently practice this exercise twice a day for 10 minutes each time to bring a gleam to your eyes.

Facial Yoga for Forehead and Jaws
This technique can relax your forehead, temples and jaws, and relieve tension in them, thereby preventing headaches. Keep the index and middle fingers of both your hands on the middle of the forehead. Now, gently rub the forehead by moving your fingers in small circles. Continue this massage to your temples. From the temples, move down to your jaws. Cover your entire face with the gentle rubbing. We usually hold tension in our temples and jaws. This tension is relieved by this simple yet effective facial yoga exercise.

Facial Yoga to Relax Muscles
This technique relieves stress and anxiety, relaxes facial muscles and increases blood circulation. Clench your teeth and widen your lips as if you are smiling broadly. Stretch your neck, chin and cheeks to the limit. Hold this position for a few seconds and release. Do a few more repetitions for maximum benefit.

The above mentioned facial yoga exercises can give a youthful and charming look to your face. Do them consistently and regularly to garner best results.

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