Yoga for Christians

yoga for christians

Yoga has its origin in India and Hinduism. But, of late it is becoming popular in the U.S. How can those professing to the Christian faith practice yoga and enhance themselves? This question has been raised by Christians who wish to practice yoga and meditation to enhance their own faith in Christianity. This article reveals the benefits of yoga for Christians.

Yoga is a Great Stress Buster

In today’s hectic world, we are under pressure due to numerous reasons. These could be job stress, environmental pollution or traffic woes, to name just a few. To deal with rising stress, Christians can use yoga and meditation to increase their awareness about body and mind.

Yoga is Flexible
Yoga is flexible and has been modified in many ways to suit people’s preferences. Traditional yoga emphasizes on spirituality. Contemporary forms of yoga lay stress on physical benefits, relaxation aspects as well as the spiritual approach. Depending on their inclination, Christians can make use of yoga to enhance their body, mind and spirit.

Christian Meditation
Christianity has a hoary tradition of meditation practice. You can choose from concentrative meditation or awareness meditation. In Christian concentrative meditation, you chant a sacred phrase or word to focus your mind. If your mind wanders, you should ignore the thoughts and bring the mind back to the sacred phrase. Awareness meditation has its roots in Buddhism and you pay attention to sensations, feelings and thoughts. Here, you need focus on the breath as it comes in and goes out of your nostrils.

Holistic Benefits of Yoga for Christians

  • Yoga helps promote relaxation of mind and body and gives rest to the spirit.
  • Christians can cultivate valuable spiritual values such as non-judgment, empathy and patience by practicing yoga regularly.
  • Yoga benefits the body by promoting deep breathing, concentration, coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

Yoga for Christians is thus a boon for those seeking a holistic method to enhance their faith in Christianity by improving their body, mind and spirit.

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