What is Savasana (Corpse Pose)?


Savasana is usually performed after doing all the other yoga poses. The corpse pose helps to cool down and relax the body. Savasana has many psychological benefits as it can relieve anxiety, pressure, fatigue, tension and stress. Many people use savasana to calm down and relax their mind. People suffering from insomnia can use savasana to drift into sound sleep.

Instructions for Savasana

  • Lie down on the mat in a relaxed manner.
  • Turn out your palms upwards and keep the feet slightly apart.
  • Now, shut your eyes and breathe deeply and evenly for a few minutes.
  • Feel your body becoming relaxed as the tension slowly seeps away.
  • Your breathing will slowly become quiet, regular and soft.
  • Mentally relax each of your body parts starting from head to toe.
  • Finally, rest in this peaceful position for some time.

Tips for Savasana

  • While relaxing your body, focus on a specific part and imagine the muscles slowly relaxing as the stress seeps out of them.
  • If you feel sleepy, breathe more forcefully to overcome the drowsiness.
  • Savasana is all about unwinding and letting go completely.

Benefits of Savasana

  • The corpse pose rejuvenates body and mind.
  • It is the perfect antidote to instill calmness and relaxation in stressed-out people.
  • Savasana gives new energy and establishes harmony between body and mind.
  • Savasana improves blood circulation and stimulates the inner organs.
  • Savasana can benefit patients suffering from lumbago, diabetes, constipation, asthma and nervousness.
  • Savasana can improve concentration and focusing power.

Precautions for Savasana

  • Do not perform this pose in glaring light.
  • The surface on which you lie down, should be flat and firm.
  • Your hands should not rest on your chest or below your head. They should be kept at the sides.

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