Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga can benefit everyone, including beginners. However, beginners need to be a little bit careful while starting to perform yoga poses. In this article we give useful tips on yoga for beginners.

Yoga is a Valuable Exercise
The joints in our body need lubrication and movement. Lubrication is provided by the food we eat. Yoga can be used effectively for body and joint movements. Usually, we tend to over use or under use our joints, which can lead to problems as we age. Yoga helps keep the joints in top condition by exercising them thoroughly.

Prerequisites for Yoga

  • Children should not practice yoga for long hours and they should also not maintain yoga poses for long duration.
  • Yoga should be practiced for at least half an hour to get best results.
  • Yoga can be practiced any time, but ensure the last meal you eat is at least three to four hours before you start your yoga session.
  • Yoga should ideally be performed in a clean, quiet and bright place.
  • Do not do yoga on bare floor. Use a carpet or mat.
  • Wear clean, loose and comfortable clothes while doing yoga poses.
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods.
Guidelines for Yoga Beginners

Pregnant and menstruating women should avoid certain taxing poses. You should be careful about yoga practice if you have high blood pressure or suffer from neck, shoulder or knee injury. If your health is affected by any ailment, check with your doctor before starting yoga practice.

Modify the Poses to Suit Your body
The advantage of yoga is that anyone can benefit, even if they are not limber and flexible like a gymnast. Just perform the poses to the best of your ability. Explore and experiment with the poses and make them suitable for your body.

Make Yoga Challenging
Slowly, as you gain expertise, you can intensify your yoga practice. Hold on to the pose for a longer duration. Take up more challenging poses. And, finally reduce the gap between two poses.

Research has conclusively proved the multiple benefits of yoga for all. We hope this article motivates you to begin yoga for beginners and reap the immense benefits.

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  1. I just started doing yoga probably within the last year or so, and I have to say that I don’t think people realize how important Flexibility training is to their routine! Too many people only focus on Strength or Cardiovascular training, and completely neglect the Flexibility training. To truly be in great shape for a long period of time, I think people have to incorporate some yoga into their routine!

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    Have a great day!!!
    Jason Stieler

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