What is Nada Yoga?

Nada yoga

The meaning of nada yoga is uniting through sound. This yoga is the spiritual science of transforming oneself through tone and sound. Meditating on sound can lead one to self-realization. It is a universal path that can be practiced by people of all religions and spiritual backgrounds.

Becoming Absorbed in Sound

Most of us like music. Not just humans, even animals are known to enjoy music. When we focus our mind on the music and become absorbed in it, we feel inner bliss. Nada yoga can make our mind transparent and calm, and reach deep realms. It makes meditation enjoyable and effortless. The sounds we focus on, balance and purify our entire being. When we focus our attention on something, we become it. Therefore, for maximum effect, choose enlightening and positive sounds and music for nada yoga meditation.

How to Practice Nada Yoga Meditation

  • Choose an inspiring piece of music. You can select New Age music, sitar sounds or any other type of instrumental music.
  • The music should be instrumental without voices or words, as they can be too distracting.
  • Sit in a comfortable pose and listen intently to the music for about 15 minutes morning and evening.
  • Be regular in your practice and listen with full concentration to the same music every day.
  • Slowly, you may start to hear subtle inner sounds. Focus on these sounds.
  • Gradually, stop listening to the outer music and concentrate on listening to these subtle inner sounds.
  • As you become an expert, you will not need outer music for meditation.
  • With regular practice, your mind will become elevated and purified.
Benefits of Nada Yoga
  • The great advantage of nada yoga is that you can enjoy the process of meditation.
  • Uplifting music heals the mind, body and spirit.
  • You can improve your listening skills and become aware of the subtle energies and emotions within yourself and others.
  • Nada yoga alleviates mental problems, calms the body and mind, and elevates one’s consciousness level.
  • Regular practice can bring a sense of fulfillment, flexibility, harmony and joy to the mind.
  • Nada yoga promotes relaxation, relieves pains and reduces anxiety.
  • The body benefits too as this type of meditation reduces the respiratory and heart rates, and relaxes brain wave patterns.

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