Yoga Teacher Salary

Yoga Teacher

Teaching yoga is fast becoming a lucrative profession. This is because yoga’s booming popularity has created a demand for skillful yoga teachers. Good salary is just one benefit of becoming a yoga teacher. You can get immense job satisfaction, improve your body, mind and soul every day, and teach others how to do too. All these aspects make yoga teaching a fulfilling profession. Read on to learn more information about yoga teacher salary.

Certification Required
Yoga teachers need certification to compete well in the job market. Yoga certification proves that the teacher is well-versed and experienced in practicing and teaching yoga. Therefore, if you want to earn more, certification is required. You can also specialize in a specific area, such as yoga for kids, to increase your salary. The total number of hours that you practice and teach yoga in a training program also boosts your salary.

Build a Reputation

Yoga is fast becoming a craze among celebrities and movie stars. Such people would want to learn yoga from a reputed teacher. So, you should build a good reputation to boost your yoga teacher salary. In fact, you can earn up to $250 for a single private session with celebrities. Such earning potential needs the right attitude, expertise and training.

More Information About Yoga Teacher Salary
Generally, a yoga teacher’s income would depend on the number of students/classes they teach, their training and experience, and the type and location of the studio where they teach. Yoga teachers working in studios in metros can expect to earn more than those teaching in rural studios. Generally, you can earn about $20 to $40 for a single class. With experience, this amount would definitely go up. You can open a studio, but this involves the hassles of paying for rent, insurance, utilities etc.

Yoga teachers at college can expect to earn about $30 for a class. Specializing in children’s yoga, prenatal yoga, therapeutic yoga etc. can boost your salary.

Tips to Boost Yoga Teacher Salary

  • Get specialized training in one or a few types of yoga to improve your expertise. Salary for broad yoga training is much less, that is why specialization is essential.
  • Get a formal training certificate. Put in dedicated hours of yoga practice and training.
  • Networking is important to boost your reputation and brand name. Therefore, network with others who are interested in yoga, to spread your name and reputation.

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