What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga

Power yoga is more vigorous and fitness-based than traditional yoga. It has been in vogue since the mid-1990s. Power yoga is the result of Western yoga teachers who wished to make Ashtanga yoga more popular among Western students. In power yoga, there is no uniform series of postures. A power yoga class in a particular studio can vary from another class in another studio. The common trait is that power yoga lays stress on flexibility and strength. Power yoga has made yoga popular in American gyms.

Inventors of Power Yoga

Three Yoga teachers are credited with creating power yoga. They are New York-based Beryl Bender Birch, Los Angeles-based Bryan Kest and Baron Baptiste. The form of power yoga these teachers have popularized involves a flowing, intense style, which is different from the gentle meditative stretching usually associated with traditional yoga. Power yoga is ideal for those who seek physical benefits and would rather forego the meditation and chanting aspects of traditional yoga.

Power Yoga Uses Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Power yoga incorporates the Surya Namaskar series of poses to improve strength and flexibility. Surya Namaskar involves a series of 12 poses which are performed in a graceful sequence. These poses contract and expand the muscles of the waist and ribcage. Regular Surya Namaskar practice can make the spine more flexible and trim your waistline.

Power Yoga Principles

In power yoga, poses are followed up with strength training. Such a routine strengthens the body and adds dynamism to the workout. For example, a Surya Namaskar pose would be followed by a push-up exercise.

Benefits of Power Yoga

  • Power Yoga increases metabolic rate, reduces fat, and improves calorie burning and lean muscle tissue.
  • Power yoga exercises your back and stomach muscles constantly, thereby improving core strength.
  • It increases and harmonizes the heartbeat.
  • Like normal yoga, power yoga also reduces stress and relaxes the body.
  • Students can benefit more as power yoga improves concentration.

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