Hot Yoga for Weight Loss


Hot yoga can give many benefits such as physical wellness, relaxation and mental alertness. Hot yoga can also help practitioners lose weight. Yoga is famous for its poses which promote physical, mental and spiritual health. Yoga is ideal for weight loss as it gently trains and tones the body without taxing it too much. This article reveals useful information about how to use hot yoga for weight loss.

What is Hot Yoga?
Hot yoga is practicing yoga poses in a heated room. It is different from Bikram yoga, which has more rigid copyrighted guidelines. Hot yoga routines can be varied by individual studios. Hot yoga is more intense than regular yoga, and burns more calories. But, essentially hot yoga and normal yoga are the same, involving poses which tone, stimulate and stretch the muscles.

The advantage of Hot Yoga
is that it improves flexibility, thereby preventing injury risk. The body also sweats more and burns more calories. Thus, hot yoga for weight loss is ideal for overweight and obese people.

Benefits of Hot Yoga
Hot yoga benefits may vary from person to person. Some general benefits are listed below:

  • Hot yoga promotes physical health by stretching and stimulating the joints and muscles.
  • Like traditional yoga, hot yoga also reduces emotional and mental stress.
  • The heated room allows harder workouts and greater intensity, resulting in more weight loss.
  • Hot yoga poses and breathing techniques help the lungs become more efficient by increasing breathing capacity and oxygenation.
  • Hot yoga eliminates toxins from the body because of the greater sweating and oxygenation.

Precautions for Hot Yoga
Hot yoga practitioners, especially beginners, need to be careful about a few aspects while practicing this form of yoga:

  • The hot room can initially seem stifling to beginners.
  • Newcomers may experience light-headedness and nausea.
  • Sometimes, a strenuous workout can even make the practitioner faint and fall down, resulting in injury.
  • Excessive sweating can cause dehydration. So, drink adequate amounts of water to maintain hydration.

Hot yoga for weight loss is a boon for those who wish to shed calories in a healthy and controlled manner. Join a hot yoga class today to reap the above mentioned benefits.

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