Yoga for Eyes

yoga for eyes

Yoga for eyes can play an important role in improving eye health. Yoga practice includes meditation, pranayama and poses that can help a person achieve tranquility and peace. Yoga eye exercises can strengthen eye muscles, and cure many eye ailments. The renowned ophthalmologist William H. Bates claimed that eye vision can be made better by regularly practicing eye exercises such as gaze shifting, eyeball rotations and palming. Read on to learn useful information about yoga for eyes.

Different poses of yoga for eyes:

Visual Concentration
The following exercises can help you improve visual concentration:

  • Sit in a comfortable pose and keep your neck and back straight.
  • Focus your vision on your nose tip. Do not blink as long as possible. Then, shut your eyes and try to relax.
  • Focus on the third eye. This part is between your eyebrows. Do not blink. After some time, shut your eyes. In the beginning, it may be hard to perform this exercise. But with time, it will become easier.
  • Keep your head straight and focus both of your eyes on the left shoulder. Hold your gaze for some time. Then shut your eyes to relax.
  • Repeat the exercise by gazing at your right shoulder.

Balancing Visual Concentration

  • Lie down or sit comfortably
  • Shut your eyes and breathe deeply
  • Continue deep breathing for some time
  • Then, open the eyes and view some object
  • Shut your eyes and inside your mind keep looking at the object
  • This exercise can relax the eyes

Palming for Relaxation

  • Sit in a comfortable pose and put your elbows on a table before you
  • Rub your hands together to generate some heat
  • Put your palms together and and make a cup
  • Now, close your eyes and put your cupped palms on your eyes
  • Take care not to exert any pressure on the eyeballs
  • You can continue palming for about 10 minutes
  • After your session, your body and eyes will feel highly relaxed

Read on to learn more about how yoga for eyes can help your eyesight in the second part of this article.

Yoga for eyes simply means eye exercises which strengthen the muscles of the eyes, hence preventing eye ailments. Eye exercises can improve one’s vision and thus these exercises are much needed in our daily lives. This is because the eyes are a major necessity to us as we use them to do everything in our lives: walking, reading, cooking, recognizing our beloved ones etc. but rarely do we rest them unless we are going to sleep. Thus, here are some exercises that can help to keep your eyes strong and vibrant.
Yoga for Eyes

  • If you use a computer for work most of the time, you should get up from it every 30 minutes and take a walk around. This relaxes the eyes for a while.
  • Reduce the brightness of your computer as eyes can adjust to dim lights with less strain.
  • Close the eyes as tightly as you can for 5 seconds. Then open them and close them again. Repeat this 6 times.
  • All kinds of exercises like jogging, walking, cycling etc reduce pressure on the eyeballs. So exercise a lot.
  • Blink as much as you can. This helps to lubricate the eyes.
  • Direct your gaze slowly to the ceiling while you inhale. Now, exhale and then move your gaze downward to the floor slowly. This should be in a straight line and do repeat it six times.
  • Always dim the lights at your workplace as bright lights do strain the eyes.
  • Roll your eyeballs around in large circles for a minute. This stretches the muscles to the maximum extent, thus giving better results.

In conclusion, yoga for eyes when done regularly can help you to keep your eyes beautiful and healthy. They can also be done by everyone in general. Hence, do not be scared to try them out!

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