Yoga for the Heart

yoga for the heart

A healthy heart ensures good blood circulation and supply to all body parts. This can prevent diseases, strokes and heart attacks. To maintain your heart in a healthy condition, regular yoga practice can help. This article reveals useful information about yoga for the heart.

Yoga for the Heart – Yoga Poses for the Heart

There are many yoga poses that can keep the heart healthy, by strengthening heart muscles and ensuring good blood circulation. The warrior pose (Veerasana) and the triangle pose (Trikonasana) can exercise the heart muscles and ensure proper breathing. This can improve your stamina, giving you more energy for daily tasks and promote faster blood circulation. Your body will feel rejuvenated and you can get good sleep.

Other useful poses of yoga for the heart are the tree pose (Vriksha-asana), the mountain pose (Tadasana) and the lotus pose (Padmasana). All these poses can improve flexibility and prevent muscle cramping.

Yoga Benefits for the Heart

Research has conclusively proven the positive impact of yoga on the heart. Regular yoga practitioners were found to have regulated circulation and heart beat. Patients who had suffered strokes and heart attacks recovered faster by practising yoga.

Yoga improves cognitive ability, and the immune system, and lowers chronic stress and blood pressure. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart diseases, hypertension and heart attacks. Yoga impacts the hypothalamus area in the brain, which controls endocrine activity, thereby preventing heart attacks.

How Yoga Benefits the Heart

Yoga poses improve cardiovascular efficiency. They massage the perpetually busy heart. Yoga poses involve minimal muscular activity. This allows the heart to slow down and relax. Thus, the heart starts to beat in a controlled fashion. Because of less muscular activity, carbon dioxide production is minimized. This reduces stress on the heart.

Tips for Heart Health

Besides yoga for the heart, you need to adopt a healthy diet, and maintain optimum weight to ensure heart health. Being overweight increases the chances of strokes and heart attacks. Before embarking on a yoga program for your heart, discuss with your doctor which poses will be appropriate for you.

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