What is Jewish Yoga?

Jewish yoga

The popularity of yoga in the United States has resulted in its acceptance by various religious groups. Thus, we have Christian Yoga and now Jewish Yoga. There are around 14 million Jews in the world. Their sacred book is called the Torah. What is Jewish Yoga? This article reveals useful and interesting information about Jewish yoga.

Jewish Yoga Associations
In the U.S., there is an organization of Jewish yoga teachers who aim to bring Judaism’s values to yoga. There is also a Torah Yoga Association, which aims to educated yoga practitioners about Jewish wisdom by including studies of Jewish texts along with Iyengar yoga. Another organization called Gentle Jewish Yoga conducts classes, workshops and retreats focusing on mystical study and meditation.

Types of Jewish Yoga
Many forms of Jewish yoga have mushroomed of late. One is Kabbalah Yoga. Another is, which offers Iyengar yoga for those with Jewish values.

Torah Yoga

Torah yoga aims to adapt the traditions of hatha yoga to the Jewish faith. Judaism is known for its openness towards other cultures, practices and ideas. Thus, yoga is used to get a better understanding of Jewish values, and as a means to apply them in daily life.

In Torah yoga, Jewish prayers are used together with yoga poses. Thus, Torah yoga helps to imbibe Jewish values into the yoga practitioner’s mind, body and spirit. Torah yoga is prayerful in nature, and hence is considered a Jewish worship service. Classes are conducted by experienced yoga teachers. They include Jewish teachings and language.

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  1. I also teach yoga with Jewish meditation and roots. I teach in synagogues to children aged 3-100 years old. I have just written a book for teachers on how to teach the program. Check out my website!

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