Yoga for Blood pressure

yoga for blood pressure

According to the American Heart Association 33.5% of American adults are suffering from high blood pressure and another 13.3% from low blood pressure. Blood pressure is a serious problem that has to be controlled to avoid many health effects, such as heart attack and depression. Practicing yoga for blood pressure is the best way to keep your blood pressure under control without any medication.

Yoga for Blood Pressure

Research reveals that yoga for blood pressure helps patients overcome their dependence on drugs. Yoga for blood pressure can prevent the circulatory system’s degeneration. Read on to learn how yoga and pranayama can be useful for blood pressure patients.

Why Yoga to Cure Blood Pressure?
Blood in our body flows with a certain amount of pressure all the time. Sometimes due to unhealthy lifestyle, anxiety and stress the pressure decreases or increases causing health concern. To stay healthy many choose to exercise, but all the exercises need high blood flow to the area on which the exercise is targeted. For example, abs exercises need more blood flow in the abs area. On the other hand, yoga poses are slow and do not need any excess blood flow.

Yoga for Blood Pressure – Yoga Poses for Blood Pressure

There are many poses in yoga for blood pressure, some of them are:

  • Standing forward leg spread posture, also known as Prasarita Padottana Asana. It is very helpful to regulate blood flow to and from the brain. It also calms your nerves.
  • The Dog pose reduces stress on the heart by slowing down the blood pumping.
  • Inversion poses like the Sirshasana or complete inversion and Saravangasana or Shoulder stand pose will give great results.

Corpse Pose for Blood Pressure
When you practice Shavasana or Corpse Pose, your brainwaves enter the relaxed alpha mode. Your heart rate and breath slow down, increasing efficiency. Blood circulation improves. Impurities are eliminated. Corpse Pose also enhances the functioning of various glands. Your muscles also become relaxed and the efficiency of your body metabolism is increased. Thus, your mind and body start functioning harmoniously. All these benefits help the blood pressure patient tackle his/her condition effectively.


  • If you want the most out of yoga, then you need to stop smoking and excessive alcohol intake.
  • You need to maintain a proper vegetarian diet or eat only steam cooked meat.

Pranayama for Blood Pressure

Ujjayi Pranayama (Victory Breath)

  • Sit in a comfortable pose and close your eyes
  • Continue to breathe normally
  • Gently squeeze your throat at the point where the air enters it
  • Make a soft sound, which should not be audible to others
  • This soft sound should be produced both during inhalation and exhalation
  • Now, slowly extend the exhalation period. This is important because during exhalation, your body recuperates, which increases its efficiency

Benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama
This breathing technique is effective against high blood pressure, and reduces physical and mental stress.

Sheetali Pranayama (Cooling Breath)

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  • Stick out your tongue and roll the sides, forming a tube.
  • Inhale through the mouth and close it
  • Exhale the air out from the nose
  • Your breath will feel cool because your saliva ‘washes’ it
  • Repeat the process nine times

A Word of Caution
Sheetali pranayama is a powerful technique, hence it is best avoided by patients suffering from constipation, low blood pressure and breathing problems. It should not be performed in a polluted atmosphere. Sheetali pranayama effectively relieves high blood pressure, acidity and stress.


  • Yoga poses and pranayama are practiced to reduce blood pressure, whereas meditation is practiced to keep it under control all the time.
  • Fifteen minutes of yoga poses practice, five minutes of pranayama twice a day and fifteen minutes of meditation helps you get rid of blood pressure.



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