What is Stretch Yoga?

stretch yoga

Stretching can make your large muscles as well as delicate arteries more elastic. It keeps the practitioner healthy and youthful. Classic yoga can be understood by the symbol of a bow and arrow. The stretching body is like the bow, while mental focus is the arrow, which connects with the divine. Read on to learn more about stretch yoga.

Benefits of Stretch Yoga

As mentioned earlier, stretching promotes youthfulness by making our muscles more elastic. Our arteries also increase in elasticity, which helps to maintain proper pressure in between heart beats. You can do simple or extreme stretching. Both types are useful for practitioners. Many sportsmen use stretching to complement their hard training. Aging people use stretching as a gentle form of exercise. Thus, stretching benefits all by strengthening our muscles and bones.

Health Benefits of Stretching

When our arteries become more elastic, blood flow through them improves, which enables better circulation of nutrients all over the body. Such efficient blood circulation enables the body to fight off infections, as immune bodies are transported smoothly. Also, waster matter and toxins are eliminated more quickly.

Mental Benefits of Stretch Yoga

Stretch your body fully to cure burn-out, insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety. Yoga stretches, when done correctly, make the muscles as elastic as a rubber ball. Such elastic muscles can bounce back and handle any stress. Our mind also becomes equally resilient.

Samkonasana (Right Angle Pose)

  • Stand up straight and ensuring your feet are touching each other
  • Inhale and lift up your arms upwards
  • Exhale and lower your hands
  • Keep your hands on the hips
  • Tilt your hip back and stretch
  • Focus on the feet to avoid falling
  • The extent of your backward tilt depends on how flexible your back, hip and leg muscles are
  • Hold till you start feeling uncomfortable and return to normal position
  • As you gain expertise, try to hold the pose for more than 15 seconds

This pose removes postural defects, and stretches the muscles in the calves, thighs, back and spine. It improves stamina. But, avoid this pose if you have back problems.

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