Yoga for Back Pain

yoga for back pain

Back pain is the result of bad posture and sedentary lifestyle. Most office employees sit hunched before the computer the whole day. This can lead to chronic back pain. To get relief, you can try yoga for back pain. Read on to learn more about useful yoga poses for back pain relief.

Cause of Back Pain
Back muscle pain occurs because of rigid muscles. These muscles need more oxygen to accomplish daily tasks with greater vitality and vigor. Pranayama breathing exercises can provide relaxation and comfort to body muscles, which rejuvenates the whole body, promoting zeal and better health.

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Regular yoga practice can relieve tension and stress, which can cause back pain. In fact, research shows that yoga is an effective exercise for back pain relief. But, one needs to be careful, as some yoga poses are known to aggravate back pain. Therefore, consult a certified yoga expert before you embark on practicing yoga for back pain relief. Practice yoga under the watchful eyes of an expert instructor to avoid problems. Back pain patients can get relief after just a couple of sessions with a certified yoga instructor.

Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief
Certain yoga poses will be useful in treating neck and back pain. These poses of yoga for back pain can improve the flexibility of the back and neck muscles. Effective yoga poses for back pain are:

  • Corpse pose
  • Cat Stretch
  • Wind-releasing Pose
  • Sage Twist
  • Palm Tree
  • Fish Pose
  • Locust
  • Bending Forward Posture

Snake Pose for Back Pain
Snake pose can relax the back muscles, providing them the desired flexibility. This pose needs to be repeated many times. Hold the snake pose for some time, to get more effective results.

Triangle PoseĀ 

This pose, also calledĀ Trikonasana is said to be very useful for back aches. It is said to help out with postural conditions that causes back aches. It also stretches the abdominal muscles. It helps one to unwind years of acquired poor posture.

Here is a list of instructions which will help one work out in the right way.

1) Stand up with your legs spread apart.

2) Now with your right hand touch your right feet. If you are unable to do so, keep a small stool or support next to your right feet and try touching the stool. Make sure you keep your left hand straight above your head, as your right hand touches your right feet.

3) Repeat this pose towards the left side and continue the exercise for a period of time.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

This pose, also known as Uttanasana, helps deal with postural problems that cause back pain.

List of Instructions that help perform this exercise in a better manner are as follows

1) One needs to stand straight with their feet together. Lift your hands up straight.

2) Now Bend forward and let your finger tips touch your toes.

3) Make sure your knees are not bended.

Practice these poses of yoga for back pain regularly and find yourself walking with a cured and healed back.

Yoga for Back Pain Increases Relaxation and Awareness
Yoga relaxes the body and mind, providing relief from strain and stress. This promotes mental harmony. Yoga also improves self-awareness, helping you understand your body and mind better.

Other Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Pain

  • Pelvic Tilt
    Just lie down on the floor facing upwards. Slowly bring your heels closer to hip. Now stretch your arms along your body with your palms facing the ground and with your face facing upwards. This gives a great relaxation to your spine.
  • Supported Bridge Pose
    It is similar to pelvic tilt, but there are small variations which you can make to practice this pose. Just rest your neck on the floor. Now try to raise your abdomen and hold this position at least for 1 or 2 minutes. Make sure that you rest your hands on the floor properly and legs are apart.
  • Supta Padangusthasana
    This is different from pelvic tilt and supported bridge pose. Lie down on the floor completely with your legs apart. Just stretch your right leg straight upwards that is, it should be at 90 degrees. Just take an elastic stretching band and then loop the strap of the band over your right leg (foot). Try to hold the other end of the band with your hand. Make sure that you are not bending your leg. You can repeat this pose by alternating your leg.
  • Supta Matsyendrasana
    Just lie down on the floor yourself completely in a relaxed position. Make sure that you are breathing properly. Concentrate on your breathing while doing this workout. Now, slowly bring your right knee over your left leg which is resting on the floor. Make sure that you are facing towards right with your right hand resting on the floor and left hand on your right knee. Make sure that your left leg is straight.

Research and many other studies state that yoga is the best form of treatment for any kind of illness or condition. Therefore, practice yoga for back pain to get a good relief from the condition.

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