Yoga for Sinus

Yoga for Sinus

Yoga for sinus rinse can be done with water with the help of a neti pot. This simple yet effective technique can help patients with asthma, bronchitis and chronic sinusitis. Regular practice of yoga for sinus infection can alleviate hay fever and headaches, and prolong youthfulness. Read on to learn more about yoga for sinus.

Yoga for Sinus, Rinse Technique
  • Fill a neti pot with lukewarm, slightly saline water. Insert the spout into a nostril.
  • Tilt your head and let the water flow into one nostril and out through the other.
  • Use your mouth for breathing. Do not swallow or sniff when the water is passing through your nostrils.

Drying Your Nose
You should properly dry your nose by expelling your breath out forcefully. Ensure that all the water is ejected out through the nose.

Yoga for Sinus, Rinse with Milk
Instead of water, you can also use slightly warm, diluted milk. This can benefit those who are allergic to salt water or suffer from nose bleeding.

Sinus Cleansing with a Rubber Catheter

This method can fully open up your nasal passages.


  • Before using the rubber catheter, rinse it with medicated oil or warm water
  • Put it through one nostril
  • Slowly push it till it enters your throat
  • Gently, pull it out of your mouth
  • Now, gently pull on the catheter a few times
  • Repeat the procedure through the other nostril

A Word of Caution
You should not feel any pain during this practice. Pain indicates that you are doing it wrongly. Therefore, if you feel pain, stop immediately, take out and carefully reinsert the catheter to try and find a clear passage. Keep your breathing normal. Beginners may feel a tickling sensation and have sneezing bouts. There may be plenty of mucous discharge too. With practice, these reactions will subside.


Yoga nasal cleansing techniques remove impure and infected mucous out from the sinus cavities. This cleansing will improve immunity to nasal allergies such as sinusitis and hay fever, and respiratory conditions such as tonsillitis, adenoids, colds, chronic coughs and sore throat. Yoga sinus cleansing can also improve eyesight and cure ear disorders.

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