Benefits of Hot Yoga

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Warming up is essential before performing exercises. In hot yoga, the temperature is kept high to facilitate body heat and accelerate improvement. Our body performs at its peak when it is fully warmed up and radiates muscle heat. Bikram Choudhury is widely regarded as the founder of hot yoga, which is also known as Bikram yoga. This article provides you with the benefits of hot yoga.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

  • Body fat is burnt more efficiently as a lot of energy is expended during the session. You can lose inches off your waist in a short time.
  • There is a greater range of movement in the body ligaments, muscles and joints.
  • The heat expands blood vessels. This lead to great oxygenation of organs, glands, muscles and tissues, which eradicates toxins.
  • There is improvement in secondary circulation.
  • Enhanced metabolism rate breaks down fatty acids and glucose.
  • Practicing yoga in demanding hot surroundings can improve your concentration, self-control and willpower.
  • The respiratory system is exercised systematically.
  • Flexibility increases, which lessens the risk of injury.
  • Practicing hot yoga can improve immunity and build muscle tone.
  • Hot yoga reduces the symptoms of illnesses such as circulatory problems, arthritis and thyroid disorders.

A Word of Caution
Hot yoga requires good health and heat tolerance. Some instructors in fact advise beginners to just sit during the first few sessions to get acclimatized to the heat. You should also keep your body hydrated during and after the session by drinking plenty of water. Extensive sweating leads to loss of water which must be replenished. Though benefits of hot yoga are many,  it is not advisable for pregnant women.

Hot Yoga Considerations
Hot yoga is different from normal yoga in a few aspects, which are outlined below:

  • Because of the sweating, hot yoga practitioners may be scantily clad. You should respect their privacy.
  • Take your own towels and mats to the hot yoga class to avoid using other people’s sweat-stained towels or mat.
  • Consult your doctor before embarking on hot yoga, and get his/her advice whether it would be appropriate for you.

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