Yoga for Cancer

yoga for cancer

Cancer occurs when our immunity becomes weak and cannot handle the increasing amount of damaged cells. Yoga for cancer can be helpful in coping with the disease, but cannot be considered a cure. Yoga can strengthen our immune system and stimulate holistic healing.

Yoga for Cancer

Research reveals that psychological factors have an impact on the growth of cancer cells. By fortifying the mind, yoga for cancer is a powerful healing tool and can also boost the patient’s immunity. Yoga relaxes the nervous system, and reduces stress and anxiety, which if not controlled can affect our immune system and healing process. Yoga breathing techniques improve respiration, bring balance and release tension. Yoga meditation can develop detachment and clarity, helping you cope with the reality of the situation.

Yoga Benefits for Cancer

Yoga poses eliminate toxins, increase energy levels and improve body functions. Lung cancer patients can get relief from shortness of breath and chest pain by practicing yoga breathing techniques. Yoga is also used to minimize the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It can also improve the patient’s quality of life by relieving stress caused by the ailment.

Regular Yoga Practice is Essential

Yoga for cancer can only be effective if it is practiced regularly. Consult your doctor before beginning yoga practice. To enhance the effects of yoga, adopt a yogic diet, consisting mainly of vegetarian food items.

Stress Impacts Cancer

Research has conclusively proved the connection between stress and cancer. Many cancer patients breathe inefficiently because of their stress.
This body-mind relationship plays a huge role in a patient’s aptitude in dealing with cancer symptoms. Therefore, psychological factors also need to be considered to treat cancer. However, normal medical support usually neglects this aspect. As mentioned earlier, yoga meditation can help promote a positive frame of mind in cancer patients. Pranayama teaches deep and slow breathing that enhances oxygen supply and reduces anxiety and stress. The stress hormone cortisol contributes to tumor growth. By reducing stress, yoga inhibits cortisol release.

Yoga Promotes Healing

Yoga poses balance and invigorate all the important body systems. Yoga can be adopted to a person’s personal needs, depending on which part has been affected, the cancer type and the patient’s abilities. Yoga positively impacts a person’s flexibility, stamina, physical strength, digestion, elimination, circulation, posture and breathing.

Yoga Calms the Mind

Cancer can negatively affect the patient’s mind causing fear, shock, anxiety, grief and stress. To deal with these negative emotions, cancer patients can use yoga meditation and breathing techniques to calm the mind. Thus, yoga can help cancer patients cope positively with radiation and surgery after-effects.

Yoga for Insomnia
Research by the National Cancer Institute proves that yoga helps cancer patients overcome insomnia and sleep better. Yoga helped study participants depend less on sleep medications. It also reduced their fatigue levels. Another study found that yoga helped lymphoma patients fall asleep faster, sleep for a longer time and experience fewer sleep disturbances.

Yoga Combats the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
Radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer can cause fatigue, toxicity and mental distress. Yoga can help patients effectively deal with and overcome all these side effects. Yoga for cancer can thus help patients of all cancer types and stages. Consult your doctor today for more information about using yoga therapy.

The growing popularity of yoga and its undeniable benefits as revealed by research have made the medical community take notice of this complementary therapy. However, patients should not use yoga as a singular treatment procedure and delay conventional medical treatments. Those affected by heart diseases, arthritis and cancer should get permission from their doctor before practicing yoga. However, there is no doubt that yoga for cancer can help patients improve their quality of life and peace of mind even in their stressful situation.

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