Yoga for Athletes

Athletes need to keep themselves physically and mentally fit to be the best. Apart from diet, regular practice and a strict fitness regime, there is something else that can be of benefit. Yoga for athletes improves their flexibility, balance, endurance and core strength. A lot of athletes are now taking up yoga and reaping the benefits. Read on to know more.
Yoga for Athletes

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

1. Deep and Relaxed Breathing: Be it any sport or game, breathing has a huge impact on the athlete’s performance. Having a control over one’s breathing is the key to improve concentration and reduce performance anxiety. Practicing yoga brings the mind and body together. It helps you to breathe correctly. This will in turn boost your performance in the chosen sport or game.

2. Increased Core Strength: Yoga is all about building and improving core strength. The slow and focused movements require strong muscles and isometric contractions which are a part of yoga techniques can provide a new form of training.

3. Increased Range of Motion and Flexibility: Yoga postures require good flexibility and range of motion. This would help relieve muscle tension. Improved range of motion will in turn improve your performance.

4. Improved Balance: This is one of the most helpful benefits of yoga for athletes. By practicing yoga, athletes can improve their balance. Balance exercises are generally overlooked by athletes. But these exercises are the key to develop muscle balance. They rectify the body mechanic problems. Weight training or sports majorly target a group of muscles wile others are ignored. Yoga brings a balance in the training routine by targeting all muscle groups.

5. It’s a Great Way of Cross Training: Yoga is a simple and effective way to cross train. Cross training is essential for athletes who do the same exercise routine or sport all year-round. Adding yoga in the routine provides variety and a break from the regular routine. Yoga has both high-intensity and low-intensity techniques that can be suitable for all athletes.

The benefits of yoga for athletes mentioned here are mostly based on subjective feedback. More research needs to be done to come up with scientific explanation for it. You could start practicing yoga and be benefited from it. But remember to start practice under the guidance of a professional and trained yoga instructor.

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