Simple and Effective Meditation Methods

The meditation methods followed by different cultures differ. But meditation is universal. This is what binds all the different meditation methods followed by people across the world. Depending on their personalities, people can choose from different methods of meditation. Some techniques involve more of concentration and focus while others allow the free flow of thoughts.

In this article, we give a brief description about the simple and effective meditation methods. But you do need to remember one thing, if you have just started practicing meditation – always take guidance from a Guru during the first few days or weeks. Read on to know more.

Simple and Effective Meditation Methods

Meditation Methods
Breathing meditation
This is one of the most effective meditation methods. You need to concentrate on your breath. Every time you breathe out, feel the negative energy leaving your body. Every time you breathe in, feel re-energized again. You can also focus and concentrate better by counting your breath. This wouldn’t allow the rush of thoughts to your mind affect your meditation.
Meditation Methods
Walking meditation
This is the simplest form of meditation. Yes, you can meditate while you walk. You could take a walk through a park or an alley or an open area and hear the sounds around you. You could then concentrate on your breathing as you walk and try to feel the sounds and smells all around you. Doing so could have a relaxing effect on your mind and body.
Meditation Methods
High-tech meditation
Though some people may strongly disapprove of this form of meditation, it does work. Meditation is generally associated with serenity and calmness. But a lot of people also find comfort while listening to their favorite heavy-metal artiste or rock band. Just plug in your ear-phones, hit the play” button and let the music do the rest.

Mantra meditation
By chanting a mantra or a particular word, your focus and concentration is completely devoted to the mantra. Chanting a mantra alone or in a group gives you a transcendental feeling. The reverberating sound of the mantra and feeling of peace and harmony can be achieved by practicing mantra meditation.
Meditation Methods
Candle meditation
You could practice this form of meditation method by lighting a candle and then focusing on the flame. Firstly, you need to find a place that is ideal for meditation (indoors preferably). You can sit down a few feet away from the candle and then start meditating by concentrating on the flame. This way, the influx of thoughts would slowly drift away from your mind and you would stay focused on meditating.

We have mentioned only a few meditation methods. There are many other effective methods of meditation that are practiced by people all around the world. If you have something to share, then do feel free to share it with us in the comments section.

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  1. Nice blog. Providing different ways on how to perform healing meditation technique would help beginners to choose what they would prefer most when it comes to stress relieving activities like this.

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