10 Important Meditation Tips

Meditation has lot of benefits. People who meditate regularly experience happiness, peace, good physical health and mental health. In short, a person who meditates experiences overall well-being. So you have decided to start practicing meditation but do not know how to go about it. In this article, we mention 10 important meditation tips which are simple, easy to understand and practice.
10 Important Meditation Tips
Initially, you may find it difficult to focus and meditate. Don’t worry. Every person who starts practicing meditation experiences this in the initial stages. But there are certain meditation tips that you need to follow in order to meditate in the right way.

Meditation Tips

1. Posture
Firstly, your posture is one of the most important meditation tips. If you choose to sit cross-legged on the floor or if you want to sit on the chair and meditate, your spine should be upright. You should not slump or bend forward. Sitting with your spine upright would help your body and mind to be one. If your body is well-balanced, your mind too would be in balance. Sit down and imagine that your head is almost touching the sky. This is one of the easiest ways to sit erect and maintain a good posture.

2. Eyes
Closing your eyes while meditating does help. But we suggest that you keep your eyes open when you initially start meditating. This way, you could be aware of your surroundings and your mind wouldn’t drift away. You could then gently lower your eyes and start meditating. There is no hard and fast rule about closing or opening your eyes while meditating. Some people are comfortable meditating with their eyes closed. You could practice what is comfortable to you.

3. Breath
You must pay attention to your breath while meditating. This is also one of the important meditation tips. It is the best way to focus and anchor yourself while you concentrate. You wouldn’t have to regulate your breath. Just feel every breath that you take in and every breath that you breathe out.

4. Counting your breath
If you find it difficult to pay attention to your breath, you can try counting your breath. Count every breath that you breathe out. Count till ten and return back to counting from one again. Doing so would help you concentrate and focus while meditating.

5. Thoughts
It is natural for your mind to be flooded with thoughts. Whenever you find this happening, just let them pass by and then get back your focus and concentration. If you try to stop the flow of thoughts, you would end up getting frustrated. Just let them pass and start focusing on your breath again.

6. Emotions
Controlling your emotions is an important meditation tip. If you have trouble controlling your emotions, then it is difficult to meditate. Emotions like anger, fear and shame constantly take you to the past and remind you of the unpleasant happenings. The best way to let go of these emotions is to try and focus on the physical feelings that accompany these emotions.

If you feel angry, you clench your fists. Do that and let your anger pass. If you feel fear, experience the shivers and let it go. This way you could acknowledge your emotions ad not let them affect you too.

7. Silence
Meditating in silence helps you to focus better. Silence helps you to experience your mind in a better way. Calmness and serenity can be experienced when you meditate in silence.

8. Length
The duration or length of your mediation routine can vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. If you have been meditating regularly, then the duration can be long too. You could start with a shorter duration of time and then keep extending it as you feel comfortable.
10 Important Meditation Tips
9. Place
You must choose the right place to meditate. You could find a corner in your house or you could sit outdoors. Ideally, the place shouldn’t have any distractions. If you are sitting outside, the sound of water or breeze or the rustling of leaves can enrich the experience. But if the sounds are too loud, then you need to find another place to meditate.

10. Enjoyment
Wait a sec. How did enjoyment find its place in the 10 important meditation tips list? Well, enjoying meditation is equally important as practicing it. Enjoy meditation with each session and each day. After a while, you would fall in love with meditation and enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer.

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