Mindfulness Meditation – How to do it?

In today’s stressful life, every person craves for peace of mind and relaxation. Meditation can help a person to be stress-free. Mindfulness meditation enables the mind to be stable, calm and focused. It helps you to discover that harmony or calmness is in fact a very natural aspect of the human mind. This form of meditation helps you to develop and strengthen this aspect to find peace without any struggles or deviations.

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Create a favorable environment
To practice mindfulness meditation, it is important to create the right and favorable environment. You could choose a small place or an open place to meditate. But the place that you choose should not be noisy or disturbing. The place should have a feeling of serenity, peace and sacredness. Any place that is away from distractions and disturbances can be perfect for you to meditate.

By choosing the right place, your mind would not be provoked by the emotions and your meditation would also not be affected.

Mindfulness MeditationBegin the practice
Initially, you could practice meditation in mindful state for short spells of time. Meditating for five, ten or fifteen minutes would be just fine. Aim to train your mind slowly and steadily. You could meditate for ten minutes in the morning and then go on with your daily activities. You could again meditate for ten minutes in the evening.

You need to inspire and discipline your mind. Do not let your mind take control of you while meditating. Instead, practice and get a control over your mind and thoughts.

Maintaining a proper posture is the key to mindfulness meditation. The mind and body should be connected and treated as a single entity. By sitting erect and upright, the energy flow throughout your body is better and constant. You could sit cross-legged and rest your palms on your thighs. Do not bend forward or slouch too much. If you are using a chair for meditation, then sit straight and let your feet touch the ground.

Be it any way, your posture should be erect, your shoulders and hips must be level and your spine must be stacked up. You can take some time initially to set your posture and then start meditating.

For strict mindfulness meditation, your gaze should be soft and focused downwards. The more you raise your gaze, the more you would get distracted. You should try and ignore whatever is going on around you and focus your mind on meditating.

Instead of focusing your mind on an object, you could focus on your breath. Once you settle down and start concentrating, you can notice your breathing. Your breathing should be normal and natural. It shouldn’t be forced. You need to relax with every breath. Every time you breathe out, feel that all your stress and negative energy is leaving your body. Every time you breathe in, feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Mindfulness meditation involves controlling your thoughts and mind. Doing so can be really tough if you have just started meditating. It is natural for your mind to be flooded by thoughts. But you need to control the flow of thoughts. You should not let them interfere with your meditation. You can tell yourself that the thoughts may be important, but right now, meditating is your priority.

You also need to understand that you are not perfect. For that matter, no one is. You might start thinking about something that is troubling you, but you need to get back to meditating. Doing so is definitely within your control.

Though it might sound complicated, it is very simple in fact. You just need to concentrate and practice to control your thoughts.

People who practice mindfulness meditation naturally feel content. When a person is in a mindful state, he/she is well aware of the surroundings. The intelligence of the person remains unaffected. Sometimes, people think that a person who practices meditation is cut off from the rest of the world and immersed in deep thought. Though there are specific meditative states in which this can be achieved, this is not the aim of mindfulness practice.

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