What is Guided Meditation?

Meditation relaxes the mind and helps in the overall well-being of a person. There are various meditation techniques that one can follow. Guided meditation is one technique which enables the mind and the body to be deeply connected. Quite a few religious groups and meditation techniques make use of a sound or a mantra to meditate. The constant repetition of the mantra can help focus the attention of the person on the sound.
What is Guided Meditation
If you look at the Hare Krishna movement, the members chant the mantra in unison and keep repeating it over and over again. This takes the members on a spiritual high as their bodies release endorphins (hormones) which help relieve stress and promote well-being.

All About Guided Meditation

Guided meditation can give a mentally liberating effect and the person’s breathing also follows a rhythmic pattern. Concentrating on a sound or mantra takes your mind away from the rush of intrusive thoughts and helps you find inner peace and serenity. By concentrating on the senses, a person’s awareness is heightened by chanting a mantra.

In India, guided meditation is practiced by chanting the simple mantra om” or aum”. It serves as an instrument of thought. The symbol of this word which is in Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language) represents the different states of consciousness like: dreaming, waking, deep dreamless sleep and transcendental state.
What is Guided Meditation
If you are new to guided meditation and are practicing it for the first time, you could chant or recite any simple word or incantation. Any word that is meaningful and simple can be effective. Words like calm”, relax” etc can be thought of or spoken with each breath. These words can be very effective, especially if you imagine the tension or stress leaving your body with every breath.

Guided meditation requires you to focus on any word or sound that you find appealing and by practicing this technique you can reap the true benefits of meditation.

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