Meditation Techniques for Beginners

You have read about meditation, spoken to people who practice meditation, read all about it and have finally decided to start out meditating by yourself. But do you need to know more about meditation techniques for beginners? Nah! I know all about it, you tell yourself. You sit down and try to concentrate. After a few minutes you feel uncomfortable and something just doesn’t feel right.

What is this feeling and why is it happening to you? Why can’t you just go ahead and be immersed in deep meditation like the rest? Well, if you find yourself facing these problems, then the meditation techniques for beginners that we present in this article would be helpful to you.

The following meditation techniques are easy to learn and you can put them to use right away.

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

1. Count your breath
This technique would help you focus on the rhythm of your breathing. By counting your breath, both while inhaling and exhaling, you would be able to have a control over your mind and thoughts. Initially, you might find it a bit difficult to do so, but don’t worry, it is natural.

This is one of the easiest and simplest meditation techniques for beginners. To practice it, follow the instructions given below:

1.) Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and start concentrating on your breathing.
2.) Breathe normally and don’t force yourself to slow it down.
3.) Once you feel at ease, start counting your breath.
4.) If you get any other distracting thoughts in your mind, let them pass. Get back to your breathing routine again.
5.) After a few minutes or sometime, you would be at complete ease with your breathing. Continue counting. You would also notice that your concentration is much better.
6.) If you feel any twinkling or muscle reactions in your body, let them pass and get back to counting.
7.) Count till 100 and return back to your normal state. Slowly open your eyes, get up and gently stretch your muscles.
8.) That’s it. You are done!!!

2. Flame meditation
This technique would require the use of a candle. This is one of the interesting meditation techniques for beginners. You would need to focus on the flame. Turn off the lights or sit in a dark place. Place the candle in a position which would make it comfortable for you to look at the flame without causing any strain. Read on to know more about how to practice this technique.

1.) Place the candle at a level that would make it easy for you to focus on the flame.
2.) Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes.
3.) Slowly open your eyes and focus on the flame.
4.) Breathe steadily and continue focusing on the flame. If you think of anything else, let it pass and focus on the flame once again.
5.) After a set time, close your eyes and visualize the flame. Do not strain yourself.
6.) When the flame starts disappearing, try to visualize it again.
7.) After the stipulated time, open your eyes slowly, get used to the surroundings and stretch your muscles.
8.) That’s it. You are done!!!

3. Relaxation using Visualization
This is also a simple and effective meditation techniques for beginners. This technique would help you to relax while you visualize anything that would have a soothing effect. Read on to know more about how to practice this technique.

1.) Sit down in a quiet place and concentrate on your breathing.
2.) Once you are comfortable doing so, slowly start visualizing. You could visualize anything that is positive, soothing and serene.
3.) Try and feel the positive energy from what you visualize.
4.) Every time you breathe out, visualize all your negative feelings going out of your body.
5.) Try and involve all your senses.
6.) Enjoy all the emotions as you visualize.
7.) You could continue doing so for as along as you like.
8.) Whenever you want to stop, just get back to your normal self and slowly open your eyes.
9.)That’s it. You are done!!!

Now that you know about three simple meditation techniques for beginners, choose one that you like and start meditating.

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  1. I realized from personal experience and authentic sources that the journey towards a life, in which past conditioning and accumulated stresses do not dictate my thoughts and behavior, is by practicing meditation.
    *** But if we try to jump to meditation in one go, we feel frustrated and give up.First we have to build the firm and unshakable foundation, and only then begin meditation.

    *** I consider spontaneous awareness of breathing during all the waking hours to be the foundation – Level I.

    *** Level II is to stretch and hold the stretch in different parts of the body while being continuously aware of the breathing. Next, we add movement of different parts of the body combining with breathing. By this time,one gains remarkable benefets for mind and body. Some of the chronic and vexing problems of the body and mind will be eased. One thus establishes a solid foundation for formal sitting meditation for extended periods which is Level III. My journey at these three levels is explained in detail in my web site

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