How to Use Meditation Beads?

Stressful life, problems, misunderstandings, jealousy, heartbreak, anger, frustration, despair etc and the list goes on. Life definitely does throw a lot of problems at us. How can one deal with problems? Counseling, positive thinking, medication? Wait a second, there’s something that rhymes with medicationĀ. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, they are meditation beads. You might be thinking how to use meditation beads? Well, they have always been an integral part of meditating.

Effective meditation requires a person to focus his/her mind on the mantra while relaxing the body. At times, doing so can be tricky as the energy levels can fluctuate while meditating. Meditation beads help you to focus on the mantra and also help in keeping your energy levels constant. Meditation has proven to be beneficial in treating a lot of health conditions.
Meditation Beads

Instructions to Use Meditation Beads

Firstly, you need to find a quiet place where you can sit and meditate. Choose a place which you find the most comfortable. If you are a novice or if you are practicing meditation for the first time then it is advisable to talk to someone who is an expert or someone who can teach you the basics. You can also look for information on the Internet.

  • Firstly, change into comfortable clothing. You wouldn’t want to meditate in a tight pair of jeans or an expensive suit that you recently bought.
  • Relax and control your breathing. Start chanting or repeating your mantra.
  • Hold your meditation beads in your right palm and extend your index finger. Hold one bead in between your thumb and the middle finger.
  • You could begin with the meruĀ or the mountain bead. Remember that you cannot repeat the mantra while holding the meru. Its purpose is to help in keeping a count of repetitions by symbolizing a starting and ending point.
  • Once you start meditating and reach the meru, reverse the process and continue counting the beads backwards. Repeat the process till you complete chanting the mantras.
  • Move through the meditation beads in a slow and controlled manner while repeating the mantra.

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