Different Types of Yoga

Different Types of Yoga

The following are a few different types of yoga.

  1. Ashtanga Yoga
    This was taught by K. Pattabhi Jois which is one of the most popular among all the yogasanas. It is very important that you move on to next yoga pose once you are mastered with the basic poses. The series of poses of ashtanga yoga is called as vinyasa yoga. This yoga involves basic and simple poses that is, various combination of workouts which includes standing, inversions, bending exercises both forward and backward.
  2. Bikram Yoga
    This yoga was originated from “Bikram Choudhury”.Bikram yoga involves in lot of ligaments and stretching muscles. Bikram yoga helps in removing body pains like chronic pain. This helps us to recover from many health problems if practiced regularly.
  3. Internal Yoga
    Internal yoga includes breathing techniques, meditation and deep concentration exercises. This was utilized in reversing heart diseases by Dr. Dean Ornish, MD.
  4. Iyengar Yoga
    Iyengar yoga involves in meditating exercises. This helps in reducing chronic pain and stress. We balance our bodies to a greater extenet just by strengthening the weaker sections and by exploring the already strengthened portions of our body.
  5. Kripalu Yoga
    Kripalu yoga starts from the salutations and then proceed with co-ordination of breath and movement which are emphasized. This if practiced regularly, a person becomes spontenious “meditation in motion” which can be a sort of divine dance. This is typical yoga which includes body centering and meditation, warmup movements and deep breathing exercises.
  6. Kundalini Yoga
    This yoga helps you to awaken the kundalini energy present in the spine. You might have to focus on deep breathing. There are certain series of set of yogic postures in the kundalini yoga. This Kundalini yoga was taught by “Yogi Bhajan”.
  7. Power Yoga
    A few people assume this as ashtanga yoga such as “Beryl Bender Birch” while others assumed this as a combination of elements of viniyoga, Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga. But, power yoga seemed to be similar to ashtanga yoga without the special sequences which are followed regularly.
  8. Sivananda Yoga
    Sivananda yoga consists of a seies of set of 12 different poses.The various elements of sivananda Yoga are mentioned below.

    • Initial relaxation
    • Prayers and Mantras
    • Pranayama and deep breathing exercises
    • Salutations to sun
    • Exercising your legs
    • Headstanding (Exercises for relaxation)
    • Shoulderstand
    • Plough
    • Fish
    • Bending forward and plank positions
    • Cobra
    • Locust
    • Bow
    • Spinal Twist
    • Peacock pose
    • Forward bending exercises
    • Mantras and the universal prayer
    • Final Relaxation
  9. Svaroopa Yoga
    This yoga helps in promoting the healing process. This involves in deep breathing and helps you to get good relaxation to your mind. There are specialized adjustmensts which are made to this and are applied in therapeutic form of yoga. You might need concentration while practicing this svaroopa yoga.
  10. Viniyoga
    Viniyoga encourages most of the students to practice regularly according to their capabilities. Meditation, concentrating on the deep breathing are also a part of viniyoga.

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