Gain Flexibility for Back Pain Prevention Through Yoga

Gain Flexibility for Back Pain Prevention Through Yoga

  • Improving Flexibility of Spine
    Improving the flexibility of spine can be really helpful for the people who want to get rid off their back pain. When you improve the flexibility of the spine then there are good chances for you to recover completely from your back pain. This becomes essential if you really want to get rid off the back pain.
  • Warmup for Spine
    One of the best warming exercises can be stretching and warming exercises. By doing regularly warming and stretching you can attain great benefits.
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
    After warming come back to normal position in a relaxed manner. Just stand straight and erect and try to bend forward towards the ground. Slightly raise your spine up so that you an arc. Make sure your knees are not bending. Try to stand on this position for five to seven breaths.
  • Bhujangasana
    Inhale the air and then move in the forward direction similar to plank position.
    By taking the support of your arms, just bend down on your belly. Make sure that you are not resting the entire body on the floor.Place your palms flat on the floor directly under the shoulders and your forehead on the floor.
    Lift your head and chest off the floor while you rest the rest of the body on the floor. Ensure that you engage your feet into the floor.

    By exhalation lower forehead back off the floor. It is recommended to repeat this position at least for five minutes.

  • Balasana
    This seems to be one of the easiest pose of all the other yogic poses. Just bend down on your knees and bend forwards with your arms stretched. Make sure that your forehead is touching the ground. Just repeat this by taking 5 to seven breaths at least twice in a day.

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