Chakra Meditation – Spiritual Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation

Spiritual Chakra Meditation

One of the reasons people are getting far away from communicating and connecting themselves spiritually is due to the collection of the vibrations when they land into conflicts. Most of us might not be aware that we are collecting varying vibrational patterns into our energy centers or the chakras that are present in human body. These vibrations can be either positive (organized) or negative (disorganized). This results in slow frequencies in human body.

Helpful Tips

    • Slow Down Your Vibration or Frequency Levels
      This is really helpful and is very important if you want to do spiritual chakra meditation. If you try meditating with the dis-organized energy frequencies, then you might not be able to concentrate during meditation. This is one of the reasons you are recommended to slow down your negative vibration till you get back your original energy frequencies and then slowly you can improve from then on. Once you get back to normal energy frequencies, then it becomes easier for you to raise your frequencies.
    • Focusing on Breathing
      Every meditation including spiritual meditation involves focusing on breathing. It takes a little time to get concentration soon after you start to meditate. Concentrate initially on normal breathing and later on deep breathing.
    • White Light Meditation
      Imagine a white light during your meditation. The center of spiritual power in human bodies are the chakras or the energy centers. These are also considered vibrational centers or energy frequency centers.

Crown Chakra- Ketheric layer
Brow Chakra- Celestial layer
Throat Chakra- Etheric layer
Heart Chakra- Astral layer
Solar plexus- Intellectual layer
Spleen Chakra – Emotional layer
Root Chakra- Physical layer

  • Visualization of White Light
    Visualize a white light entering the crown chakra. Visualize the white light entering the throat chakra and similar to a liquid allow it to enter the solar plexus and gradually through the spleen and the root chakra. Now, try to visualize spiritual chakra as a hollow structure as chakra is already filled with white light. As your visualization power increases then your spiritual chakra gets completely energized and the chakra center becomes hot and warm.
  • Progress Meditation
    When your spiritual chakra is energized then you can slowly progress in your chakra meditation and reach higher levels and connect spiritually.

Read on to learn more about chakra meditation in the second part of our article.

Meditation on Chakras

  • Chakra Meditation is one of the essential things that lead towards spirituality. So, let us first see the basic meditation before we start with chakra meditation. If you want to practice meditation in your daily life, then you can do it in a small amount of time. Just sit on the floor with crossed legs. Close your eyes and start concentrating on the center of your forehead that is, in between your eye brows. Start concentrating on your inner vision till you can visualize some light at the center of your forehead. A few people complain that they visualize only black color instead of yellow color. This happens only when the chakras are blocked.
  • If you are visualizing black color continuously, then try to concentrate on for a little longer. If you concentrate even when you are visualizing black color, then you might slowly observe and can visualize vibrant colors. Visualization of vibrant colors starts with a smallest point size then appears larger. If you practice this meditation immensely then you might immerse in a blazing light and there will be no blockages of chakras which helps in radiating spiritual power.

Chakra Meditation – Meditating on the Seven Chakras
Spiritual Chakra MeditationThe following are the seven chakras present in human body and the various changes that occur when you meditate on these chakras are mentioned below.

    This chakra is located at the base of the spine. Practicing this chakra meditation helps in activating the highest chakra that is, Sahasrara or the crown chakra. The crown chakra becomes active as this chakra rises through center of the spine.
    This chakra is responsible for all feelings and emotions. This chakra is also responsible for sexual functions of human body.
    The manipura chakra is responsible for feeling the emotions, vitality of astral desires and also digestive functions of human body.
    Anahata chakra or heart chakra is the major source of higher emotions of love, spiritual energy, benevolence and altruism. Most of the emotions of love are associated with this chakra.
    Visuddha chakra is responsible for the power of speech and this chakra is associated with the throat gland. This chakra becomes active by chanting and practicing yoga mantra.
    Agna chakra is present on your forehead, that is in between your eye brows. It is responsible for scientific reasoning and higher power of mind. When you develop the energy center at this chakra then you can improve in regulating the mental and astral forces.
    The sahasrara chakra is present at the top of your head that is at the crown. This is considered the most spiritual chakra present in our human body.

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