How to Practice Breathing Meditation?

Practicing Breathing Meditation
Breathing is one among the most popular meditation techniques. This is considered to be the simplest and easiest of all the meditation techniques. You can really benefit by practicing the breathing meditation regularly. You can be relieved from stress within short time period.

How to Practice Breathing Meditation?

Practicing breathing seems to be quite easier than concentrating on the forehead. This can be really helpful to students especially as it helps in improving concentration. Practicing breathing meditation can be done easily within short time period. The following are the common and easy steps for practicing breathing meditation.

  • Comfortable Body Posture
    Make sure that you sit comfortably with a proper body posture during breathing meditation. If you are not comfortable sitting on the floor then you can sit on the chair and make yourself comfortable. A few people might use cushions initially during the meditation. Try to sit straight with an erect spine.
  • Set Time
    A few people might feel that they have meditated for a long time. While a few of them might not be able to concentrate while meditating. This is one of the reasons it is recommended to set time before you start your meditation. If you are practicing breathing meditation for the first time then you can you can do it for 10minutes. Slowly you can increase the time to 20 minutes once you become familiar with breathing meditation.
  • Get Away From all the Distractions
    It is so common that you get distracted at least once. You can get away from all the distractions that is, you can just let go your thoughts and get back to breathing.
  • Start Breathing Slowly
    Sit and start breathing slowly that is, take in a few deep breaths and slowly exhale. When you are taking deep breaths then you can start concentrating on each breath you intake. It is recommended to concentrate on breathing by meditating on it.
  • Regular Practice
    You can go for breathing meditation regularly if you really want to improve your concentration levels. By practicing regularly, you can find better results in your daily routine.
  • Do not Limit Yourself
    A few people have the habit of limiting to things. It is recommended not to limit yourself. You can do breathing meditation depending on convenience and capabilities that is, you can do it for longer time if you can do so.

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