Basic and Easy Yoga Postures

Basic and easy yoga postures are very beneficial for beginners, who are new to yoga and lack experience in yoga or any form of exercises. These easy yoga postures help the body to take up other advanced and complicated yoga postures in later stages.

Basic and Easy Yoga Postures

Sukhasana – Easy Pleasant pose
Take a mat and put it on the floor. Now sit comfortably on the mat. Make sure that you are sitting straight and then spread your legs straight in the forward direction. Now concentrate on the yogic posture and now cross your legs and sit with erect spine. Your hands should rest on the respective knees with palms downwards. Now make yourself completely relaxed in both body and mind just by letting all the thoughts to go away.

Benefit of this asana
When you practice this asana for 10 minutes regularly then, it helps you in body composure and inner harmony.

Talasana – Palm pose
Stand straight with an erect spine. Make sure you look forward with your neck straight, inhaling the air into the abdomen. Now raise one of your arms to vertical position and also rise on your toes. Make sure that you inhale properly while doing this asana. Repeat this exercise one arm at a time.

Benefits of this asana
This asana involves a lot of stretching that is, it includes lateral skeleton movements, posterior and anterior. This would be a favor to those people who would like to increase their height.

Konasana – angle pose
Stand with your feet apart for about 20-24 inches. Now slowly bend the upper part of your body sidewards sliding below the knee. While bending, the other arm might be slightly raised. Make sure that your neck and head are at ninety degrees. Inhale while doing this asana and try to maintain this position for at least 4 seconds and slowly release yourself from this position by exhaling. Alternate your hands by using one arm at a time.

Benefit of this asana
You can increase flexibility if you practice this posture at least for 4 times in each round.

Stand erect with your feet 20-25 inches apart. Raise your arms in the upward direction and make sure that your arms are close to your ears. Now inhale and then slowly bend backwards with your abdomen forward. Make sure that you form an anterior arc. You can hold on to this position at least for four to six seconds. You can now touch the ground by bending in the forward direction. You can hold on to this position for 3 seconds. You can change the positions by reversing. Maintain proper breathing while practicing this posture.

Benefits of this asana
This is one of the best easy yoga postures for the abdomen, mid-trunk and spine. You can overcome problems related to them by practicing chakrasana regularly.

These are the basic and easy yoga postures. Then why late?? Practice them for a better health.

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